Gadhafi, Qaddafi, Khadafi

Posted by sepoy on May 26, 2004 · 5 mins read

Last night on DM (I have to quit watching Cable News), some shill was acting oh-so-bewildered that the President's ratings were in freefall. Meantime, Dennis Miller's face showed the dawning realization that he jumped on a sinking ship. So, anyways, the shill said that Iraq was a success and the proof was Libya. huh? And I laughed and laughed. The Right seeks validation with Kaddafi?! Let me be the last to point out that Ronald Reagan himself called Kazzafi "the mad dog of the middle east". And now, this "mad dog" is supposed to be acting "rationally"? Can't have it both ways.
Though, that Ghaddafi is, indeed, mad. During my undergrad, I participated with enthusiasm in the Model Arab League and every year we wanted to be Libya. It was SO much fun to be Libya, to storm out of session for no reason, to quote liberally and extensively from The Green Book, to insist to the delegates from UAE the greatness of Gheddafi. Above all, I was smitten by Quathafi's best-seller book of short stories, The Village, the Village, the Earth, the Earth and the Suicide of the Astronaut:

Run away, leave the city quickly. Get away from smoke... from stifling carbon dioxide... from poisonous carbon monoxide... from sticky humidity... and from poisonous gas, which encourage inactivity and indolence. Abandon the life and holes of mice. Abandon the life of worms. Abandon the city. Come to the village, where you can see the moon for the first time in your life, after you have changed from insignificant greedy worms and mice, void of social ties, to real human beings here, in the village, in the oasis, in the countryside. Get out of the catacombs for living people and come to Allahπs dominion, which is wide, gay and delightful, where you can see the natural chandelier and come to loathe the artificial one, which is made of sand, sold in markets, fragile, likely to be destroyed at any time, and rendered dirty by the flies and the spiders in the city dens, called houses and flats. Behold Godπs lanterns in the countryside, hung in the sky, and not in the ceiling of a dirty grave in the city.

I have to admit. I love that. This is a truly unhinged mind - a madhjoub, a mystic, a moth drawn to a flame - albeit with a killer wardrobe, a 747 that carries a limo in it, and an all-female personal bodyguard unit. Just recently, this mad dog walked out of Arab League summit and the US coverage was again, how refreshingly brave is this here Gheddafi. Please people. He walked out because no one had read The White Book - the sequel to the The Green Book - in which Al Qathafi has proposed the creation of Isratin. You read it right. The magical land where Israelis and Palestinians can exist harmoniously. I know it's not much but it is the first proposal put to the Arab League to end the Conflict. The League, the most useless body ever, is not paying attention and Qadhdhafi is mad. indeed.

So, to the Right, who wants to use Libya as an example of the correctness & effectivenes of the Iraqi war, I say: Trust not, the Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Arab Libyan Popular and Socialist Jamahirya as he may bite you:

Here is the salvation that I am offering to Britain and America to stop the shedding of the blood of the Americans and British in Iraq as well as the blood of Iraqis on the other hand, especially after it has become clear that entering Iraq was a mistake, based on false reports, and that Iraq is free from weapons of mass destruction.

They should withdraw and hand over security responsibility to the forces of the United Nations and perhaps Arab states would take part in those UN forces to guarantee security in Iraq until Iraq can build its own constitutional institutions. I can guarantee that those who wear the blue helmets will not face violence from the Iraqis and they will not carry out violence against the Iraqis because they are peacekeeping forces.

& in case you think me a fool for all that name-game up there, no one knows how to write his name in English.


Jeff | May 26, 2004

Take meds, sport.

s¯nee | May 30, 2004

After going through the speech text of, ''why Gadhafi walked out of Arab summit''...i have even reasons to conclude :: HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE OTHER DORKY ARAB LEADERS:: ATleast the guy is bold mouthed and points directly towards the cowardness and divideness of the Arab Community..!WHats the output of this Arab Summit anyways?? i have been following it for years now? what do they do ?? come riding in huge cars, dressed in gold stiched robes, put their huge bellies on the tables and smoke pipes??? :p Gadhafi atleast made a wise move(which also shows he can decide unlike the other arab leaders), opened itself for IAEA for nuclear inspection , resulting in the uplifting of sancations, Tony Blair Visit, sudden billions of dollars of investment by OIL giants and many Trade deals. I agree with his proposals to UK/US for withdrawing their troops from Iraq , but rest assured NO Arab leader/country will come forward to help IRAQ...

shakir | June 03, 2004

I dont agree with Gadhafi 'Isratin' proposal. Arabs now can never live together with the Jews. the only solution is to free Gaza, and Jersulem should be declared as a free/common state. If only Bhutto was alive, then the situation would have been different. Bhutto & Gadhafi were fast friends and shared the same views of having united arab world, open trades , one currency and one common language...