Fruits of No Labor

Posted by sepoy on September 05, 2005 · 1 min read

Grover Cleveland thought he'd appease the public pissed off by his bungling of the Pullman Strike by declaring the first monday in September as Labor Day. He lost the election. Maybe The Chosen One needs to declare another federal holiday in September. Call it Homeland Day. I mean, its already started... we just need to make it official.

Any ways.

Since I wasn't able to do my sunday reading special, I want to direct your attention to the September 22 [ah, nice date] New York Review of Books which you need to buy and read. Great issue.

Also, look at this Reuters piece on Mira Nair and her screenwriting academy, Maisha Film Lab, in Uganda. Sounds like a great and worthwhile project. More I read about her, the more I admire her.

Less will be more at CM for the next few weeks.


Umar | September 05, 2005

And in the Land of the Big General today is Defence of Pakistan Day... Perhaps the only day of the year the Na Pak Fauj is on the defensive... the rest of the year is spent on the offensive against us bloody civvies...

Baraka | September 05, 2005

I love Mira's work. But Vanity Fair & Kamasutra still make me wonder...