Frisco Eating

Posted by sepoy on June 16, 2008 · 1 min read

Panda Country Kitchen

The only thing better than the meals I had in SF, was the company. More photography of the culinary set below the fold.

Pho Hoa Hiep

Pho Hoa Hiep

Pho Hoa Hiep

Tu Lan

Tu Lan

tu Lan





I Scream

There are more pics of SF and WWDC and the Flickr site


Fazal Majid | June 16, 2008

Aargh! Don't call it "Frisco"!

May I boil in oil And fry in Crisco If I ever call San Francisco "Frisco" Ogden Nash

fathima | June 16, 2008


elizabeth | June 16, 2008

the only reason this post is even remotely tolerable is that i'm flying to the west coast tomorrow.

sepoy | June 16, 2008

yes, yes - I know the "frisco" faux pas but how do you expect me to make a cooking pun with Sanfran?

desiknitter | June 16, 2008

Never mind the Frisco bit, I find this whole post utterly unforgivable. Not only did you go when I was not there, but you say the company was better than this luscious food. I can only retaliate now by taking my camera out here wherever I go to eat - just you wait.

Desi Italiana | June 17, 2008

Put me out of my misery and please confirm that that is a mushroom burger at Barney's. But I know my guacamole Barney's burger, and that pic is not that. I can't believe you didn't have the guacamole burger. I simply cannot digest this fact. And I agree with Fazal-- no to 'Frisco"!

Desi Italiana | June 17, 2008

No clam chowder on Pier 49 1/2 or whatever? No Mexican food from the Mission District? No Desi food from University Ave or Fremont?

Desi Italiana | June 17, 2008

Lovely photos of the Bay and coast. I'm really hurting right now :(

sepoy | June 17, 2008

dk: As Nasir Kazmi said: Kuch yadgar-i Shehr-e Sitam hi lay chalain Ae Hain iss Gali mein tu Pather hi lay chalain These are mere stones I collected from your Gali. Hmm. But maybe that puts the onus on me - and not you - WHO LEFT BEFORE I CAME. In which case, instead of Nisar Kazmi, I recall Uss Bewafa Ka Shehr hai... [from Shaheed, 1962 - amazing movie, amazing musarrat nazir, and lyrics by faiz ahmed faiz.]

Szerelem | June 18, 2008

Jeez...I'm very hungry now. And I'd be terribly jealous of all that awesome food but I'm consoling myself with the fact that I'm going to Bangkok next weekend - mostly just to eat for two days. Heh. I hope to take many, many photographs.

Asif | June 18, 2008

So yummy but sooo not Halal. :(

desiknitter | June 23, 2008

Alright, alright, Faiz aur Naseem Begum pe sab muaf. Amazing song indeed!

jawad | June 28, 2008

no, no, no. SanFran is even worse than Frisco. No Shalimar? No Burma SuperStar? What is all this food?

Desi Italiana | June 29, 2008

"no, no, no. SanFran is even worse than Frisco." Yeah, I agree. SanFran sounds so... antiquarian. Or like a couple of 70 yr. old women sitting around in fluffy and frumpy floral print dresses with old fashioned hats and having tea. I personally say "Es Eff". But I'm not a native San Fransciscoan, just a convert from Republican Hell we call Orange County, so my usage might be wrong.