Friday Masjids

Posted by sepoy on December 03, 2004 · 2 mins read

Mosques are in the news lately. With a big DENIED sign for women or US ambassadors. The second case happened in Peshawar. The brand-spanking new US Ambassador to Pakistan, Ryan Crooker, thought it would be nice to go see the Mohabat Khan Mosque in Peshawar. But, the imam of the mosque, Maulana Qasim Yousufi, is in trouble with the MMA for allowing the visit to take place. You say, a mosque is a place of worship and all are welcome? Not when the mosque in question is the recepient of some $14,000 from the US govt. provided for restoration in 2002 - money accepted and never used.

The Ambassador probably wanted to see how the Muhgal era mosque was doing while undergoing restoration. Or he just wanted to see some nice architecture. Either way, it has gotten someone in trouble. After all, as the Daily Times points out, this mosque's friday sermons are notoriously anti-US. Oops.

Still, mosques are worth visiting. My defense for the lack of visitation is that all the cool ones are in India [also, to quote Ghalib: zahid sharaab pinay de masjid mein baith kar / yaa vo jagah bataa jaha'n par khuda na ho].

On the internets (is it still hip to say this?), you can visit some amazing mosques in India [thanks to Naim sahib for the link]. And I really mean amazing. Go through all four pages. I am archiving them for instructional purposes, myself. See what they claim is the oldest mosque in India. Will have to investigate that claim.

Also, thabet has some brilliant posts on his visit to Istanbul, esp. the entry on mosques.

Have a good weekend, gentle readers.