Free Internet

Posted by sepoy on June 01, 2004 · 1 min read

An earlier post suggested that putting controls on internet in Pakistan is not the best idea. By a long shot.
Here is a post from an amazing blogger who has to deal with that very fact in Saudi Arabia. Those clamouring for more governmental oversight of the internet in Pakistan will do good by heeding such cautionary tales - because a. it kills freedom and b. it won't work anyways.
I cannot say enough good things about The Religious Policeman.


s¯nee | June 01, 2004

I like the saudi's approach, ''Block-them-All''. We can surely 'try this. All the ISP's in Pakistan are normally connected from the PTCL servers. But then the problem can be adminstrating the offensive sites.I dont think we have 'many' anti-govt/anti-sect. sites but pornography is the major issue.

Marlowe | June 02, 2004

Blocking pornography only increases its allure, so I think it's better to let the information flow freely; for instance, I haven't surfed for porn in over twenty whole minutes.