Posted by sepoy on June 16, 2004 · 1 min read

Mexico's President Fox came to UChicago and all I got was these lousy pictures. I guess there was no media allowed so these pictures are worth money...uh, maybe not. They are from Nancy's office - which is the office opposite mine. I missed the Mariachi band, 'cause I was at lunch. Sad about that, really. President Fox is an alum of the Law School here and I have no clue why he was on campus.
But the security was tight! right. since this whole building across from where he was, remained unchecked.
They did stop Scott from crossing the street. Mostly because he looks like a musician.


sven | June 16, 2004

worth about 2 bits.

Citizen | June 16, 2004

where's Katz?