Posted by sepoy on November 23, 2005 · 2 mins read

I am miserable. Is it bird? Is it superman? All I know is that I don't enjoy breathing through my gills. Used to be that Abba gee would recommend Hamdard's Joshanda. But then, he recommended Joshanda for everything - including broken bones and hurt egos. I hated that stuff. It left this slimy after-taste. Usually Joshanda did take care of one's ailment, though. I don't know where to get Joshanda in Chicago. Ok, I am sure that I can find it at Devon but that's far away.

The university had advertised the flu shots earlier in the fall. Then they cancelled it because they never got their shipment in. Now, they have received some but not enough for 'family members'. I have never had this flu shot because I find the whole idea unappealing. But then, I don't get sick that often. I do find it amusing that people have near-riots over the flu shots. And that the campaigns to get people to take flu shots are so alarmist. Of course, every year, they run out of the darn flu shots.

Back to my swollen head. Theraflu is just not going to cut it. Chicken soup? Do any of you have a favorite flu remedy? No, do not say sleep/rest; I have a book review due Mondayish. Conversely, if you do not have a flu remedy for me, do you have a favorite way of getting an editor off your back?

I am off to enjoy Tday with farangi. He is a good settler who has graciously invited this Indian to break bread with him. In a post-modern twist, I am taking an infectious disease to him. Ha.


Ali Ghafoori | November 23, 2005

One can always bomb things that one may dislike or find irritating... That's what we do down here in Texas. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=16397937&method=full&siteid=94762&headline=exclusive--bush-plot-to-bomb-his-arab-ally-name_page.html Happy turkey day and a fast recovery!

maujkar | November 23, 2005


rob | November 23, 2005

Fresh garlic really does work. Slice it up like pills and pop away. The flu shot riots can be hilarious, but are also rather sad. Even in glorious britannia, where the NHS keeps the jabs from anyone not in an "at-risk" group (which does not, thank god, include students); yes, even here, the sheer rush of avian-fearing, bored OAPs to the doctors depleted the stocks so much that my diabetic girlfriend had to wait two weeks for the rest to turn up... When bird flu comes, I think I'm gonna barge the eager wrinklies out the way ;)

Zack | November 23, 2005

My remedy, if work needs to be done during flu, is to drink lots of Nyquil and coffee. Works wonders :-) Hope you get better soon. Happy T-day.

antje | November 23, 2005

Bron, i tell you....but who knows where you'd have to travel to get *that* (somehow even doubt that Chinatown would stock the murky glass bottles). anyway, thanks for not being too sick to send off-the-wall (in the way that makes perfect sense, because it's *right*) articles—or, maybe, doing so anyway.

tsk | November 24, 2005

chicken soup (the salty is good) and spliffs. the latter leads to lots of consumption of the former, coughing removes fluids from the lungs, and the general not-caring-that-you're-sick. add multivitamins and wash it all down with some dayquil/nyquil, and you'll be right as rain. if no chicken soup is available, send out for anything super-spicy. always worked for me. :)

Sin | November 24, 2005

Actually, to clear up congestion, wasabi works really well (preferably in conjunction with sushi and nigiri). Otherwise, I've found that miso soup can cure pretty much anything. I had the flu a few days ago, and drinking miso soup twice or thrice a day for two days cleared it up almost immediately (I took a lot of Panadol CF too, but I'm convinced it was the miso soup).

elizabeth | November 24, 2005

miskin sepoy...what you need is spicy chicken soup with lots of garlic and sesame oil and turkish chili pepper. it's miraculous. i can send the recipe if you have someone around to cook it for you (as chopping vegetables is an arduous chore when feverish). get well soon. (and good vietnamese pho, again with lots of chili, does very well also).

sepoy | November 24, 2005

miskin. wasabi. garlic. bron. i had some good tday fare and washed it down with a shot of moonshine. brilliant. thanks, all.

Kumar | November 25, 2005

I suggest u get Hamdard's Sualin.

Nono | November 27, 2005

Tulsi leaf (or even regular basil will do) & ginger. Pound. Mix with honey. Keep in jar/container. Voila - use as syrup/ mix with tea! Fresh chicken broth with plenty ginger, lemon, green chili.

Jerry | February 02, 2006

Hi, I hope you already got well from flu. But just for your reference, in Japan, yesterday's TV news reported that Wasabi prevents type-A flu 98%. Wasabi also kills bacteria of raw fish. Plus, wasabi attacks a factor(not all of factors) of cancer. 98% means resulted by mouse experiment by medical dept. from University in Japan. I hope this helps for you. regards, Jerry