Fire in the Belly

Posted by sepoy on March 12, 2007 · 1 min read

I admit that I find it extremely hard to post here. In general, for a variety of reasons, I have very little energy for anything.

Last night, I saw 300 - the war porn movie. Usually, I'd expect myself to post some snarky review talking about Xerxes the cuban transsexual. Or at least some comment about history as particular form of jingoistic myth-making. But I really don't want to... or perhaps this is all the comment that movie deserves.

I have noticed that people I used to read 2 years ago, have all departed. Or gone largely silent. To my detriment, I have not found new writers. What gives? Is blogging over, folks? And I just didn't get the memo? Maybe, I can turn to the confessional? Except, I hate talking about myself - yes, even in real life.

Oh, that NYer cartoon is funny.

update: In private correspondence, it was brought to my attention that this post is "depressing." I apologize for any distress or feelings of blue-ness caused to you, my gentle readers. As a palliate, I recommend reading this with sunglasses. [ht: lapata]


Jonathan Dresner | March 13, 2007

That description of "Taste of Cherry" has got to be the only time in my life a one-sentence description has made me want to see a movie. Regarding blogging, I think we sit in an uncomfortable middle-ground between the big-name "skyhook" political/technical bloggers and the LJ/MySpace/FanBoy bloggers. We're blogging about something, and like our publishing cycle, it takes more time and energy to produce product than in a lot of other fields. We have to be patient with ourselves, and we have to convince others to be patient with us.

zak | March 13, 2007

Tony Karon ( is still terrific, if intermittent. And the Go Fug Yourself girls also offer incisive critique. Blogs Not Dead!

hoopoe | March 13, 2007

Manan- CM won meover, previously an avid blog-hater, with its incisive posts. Your cold sighs are scaring me. PS. I long for a good, long post on homistan; it seems like you have been preoccupied with other inconsequential matters, of late.

farangi | March 13, 2007

Farangi's vitriol his limits, believe it or not. As does his calendar and lifehack stopwatch. But I'm gearing up. Sit tight, sepoy.

farangi | March 13, 2007

re: hoopoe's request, I second and amend: how about a comment on the recent realpolitik essay in foreign affairs about the Taliban's resurgence as an agreed upon outcome between neocons and the ISI, who, according to the article, use the Taliban as some sort of irregulars.

hoopoe | March 14, 2007

yesyes! ..or a "period post" about the conquest of Sindh; or on Bin Qasim?

bulleyah | March 15, 2007

Ah, he makes me feel guilty, does the sepoy. Posts to CM have long dried up. Synchoni-cities has become an extended diary on not life in New York. Amends to be made? I actually did see the war porn that is 300, in a theatre in Hotlanta. Perhaps I could write a few lines on snark?

MajorSahib | March 15, 2007

Interesting blog. Your by-line should read "Where have all the flours gone?"