Posted by sepoy on March 11, 2005 · 1 min read

Spanish cleric Mansur Escudero, Secretary General of the Islamic Commission of Spain, issued a fatwa against UBL today [thanks, tsk]. I can't find the text of the fatwa listed anywhere. Not that my Spanish is all that. Most reports say that it declares UBL outside of Islam based on his killing of innocent civilians on March 11, 2004. About freaking time. It would be nice if Al-Azhar & peeps follow up with some fatwas of their own against UBL. If he can use scripture to justify his insanity, other Muslims should feel free to do the same. Yes, the fatwa is ineffectual but it is not meaningless.

For the Muslims of Spain, I bet it carries a lot of weight. 1492/Immigration/March 11. Spain and Muslims have a history and future to negotiate. It does appear that the bombing has had some positive side-effects in that regards.

So yeah. Have a good weekend, gentle readers.


ali zafar | July 24, 2007

Asalaamualaikum, I am residing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, completed by 12 grade looking forward to enrolling in B.Sc agriculture or B.Tech agriculture engineering. But I am stuck in a dilemma .i was told by some religious people that advancement in agriculture in terms hybridization, high yielding procedures like cloning or any new technology is strictly not allowed in Islam . At present many Islamic constitution in India and all over the world are regarding as breaking the laws of nature by introducing artificial methods of agriculture, If this is correct plz specify what exactly is banned in agriculture .plz sir I request u to answer my question in brief. My future is relying on your answer. From Amjad Allahhafiz