Farangi in da House

Posted by sepoy on November 05, 2004 · 1 min read

My dear friend Steve Marlowe is one of the smartest fellas around and some kind of a lawyer. I am always keen on his opinion and reading his rollicking prose. Lately, I have been pestering him to guest-write for CM but he is way too cool for this lil' thing. Still, I got him to say his mind on the implication of the election on the SCOTUS. And maybe he will say something about those "RED" states in the future; him being a merovingian - no, a melungian - oh, heck, he is from Kentucky.

He will be posting under the moniker farangi - which means "foreigner" - because I like to flip things on their head. And, on CM, I am not the foreigner, he is.

Gentle readers, welcome and thank our first guest poster, the farangi.