Explaining Pakistan

Posted by sepoy on October 07, 2011 · 1 min read

I did a segment with Jerome MacDonald for Worldview at WBEZ. Please to listen and enjoy. And comment, etc.


Qalandar | October 09, 2011

I really liked this -- no mean achievement in my view to be able to convey a sense of complexity and nuance in under 20 minutes. Also appreciated your reference to what (then-Senator) Obama had said about acting unilaterally in Pakistan -- i.e. the fact that in this area, the Administration has done everything Obama had said it would. My favorite among MacDonald's questions was the one (with roughly 7:30 to go) about memory; led to a great answer about the role of memory in the historian's discipline...

Qalandar | October 09, 2011

PS -- but the broadcast is cut off right as MacDonald is asking a question; do you have a link to the complete segment?

Parved Ahmed | October 17, 2011

I do listen to NPR just about every day and Your Interview with Jerome made me so proud of You and me being Pakistani Born . I thnk you sir and I hope you will send the copy of your Interview to our pakistani Media like Geo,Ary ,Dunia etc, etc I will come to see you when you back from Germany to Chicago I do live in Schaumburg keep up the good work Professor

sepoy | October 18, 2011

Dear Parved: thank you!