Except In His Own Country

Posted by Dale Marlowe on July 18, 2005 · 1 min read

In the long answer to Sepoyís question of what the fuck is up with religion in America, I mentioned evangelist Rod Parsley as unknown, but should-be-known by people who care about such things as democracy, freedom, religious plurality and the rise of the Christian Right.

While we still sleep here in North America to the designs of the folks working among us, I thank the Beeb World Service Newshour for pointing out Parsley and his agenda to listeners of NPR, PRI and the BBC. Parsley is on an ìAmerican Tourî encouraging the founding of a new political party based on pseudo-Christian tel-evangelical quasi-charismatic principles√“the Christocrats. Before you laugh, consider that World Harvest Church, Parsleyís Vaticanette, registered 100,000 voters before the election, and hosted polls in their lobby. Many evangelicals in the state thank him, and Blackwell, for swinging the election to Bush.

Readers of CM, I shit thee not. Listen:


sepoy | July 18, 2005

Yeah, but thismakes me think that charismatic evangelicals have found their Deepak Chopra. Which can only be a good thing.

Azher | July 18, 2005

I know blackwell had absentee ballot in my county thrown out. I just wonder if mine was tossed as well? I once drove past the world harvest church on a sunday afternoon, I thought that the exiting congregation might decide to either convert me right there in my car or crush me with their giant Ford Trucks.