El Pibe de Oro

Posted by sepoy on April 19, 2004 · 1 min read

News today that Diego Maradona is under intensive care after suffering from respitory failure - maybe the result of an overdose.
To a generation, such as mine, which never saw Pele play live, Maradona was the greatest ever.
World Cup 1986: We dragged the teevee out into the back garden. Amma would go to sleep and late into the night PTV would show feed from Mexico. We watched the quarterfinal match against England where Maradona scored the best goal ever. No, I am not talking about the Hand of God goal. The fact that it was England getting their tail kicked some years after the Falklands "war" was just gravy.
World Cup 1990: Again with the teevee in the back garden. Ok, the deal there is that the antennae reception was excellent outside because our house used to be pristine open country (not so much now). Again, I watched Argentina beat Brazil in the rounds and against all odds, a broken Maradona led Argentina to the finals. But no further.
1991, Maradona got caught snorting cocaine. He made it to the USA for the 1994 World Cup. This time I actually got to see some live World Cup action (remember Pontiac Dome, Steve-o?). Maradona had brilliance, people - the match against Nigeria. But, he got thrown out for drugs or steroids this time.
I hope Maradona pulls through to take part in the Athens ceremony.


MayHa | April 26, 2004

i really LIKED Maradona. even though i was a baby when i watched the 1990 world cup i still remember him...i hope he gets weel soon-he was quite a hero. so what if he likes his drugs? ~;P

Christian Yapezzutti | August 27, 2005

Diego is God.

alexander | September 17, 2005

es el mejor de todos los tiempos

loay | November 05, 2005

maradona stills the best until apocalypse

Trinity is still my name | November 20, 2005

Maradona is something, I have not seen a better performance since Diego mexico 86. Maradona was simply Magical. when I think of soccer, the first thing in my mind is Mexico 86 and Maradona. I can say that Maradona is the best ever

maxinquaye | June 14, 2006

Isn't that fat, cheating bastard dead yet? No? Bollocks. In spite of his obvious talents, that little shit is not fit to smell Pele's jockstrap, let alone carry it.