Posted by sepoy on October 08, 2005 · 1 min read

Terrible news. Please, donate. Mamta send in this wiki link as well. Also, there is news and details on what can be done to helphere.


emullah | October 08, 2005

The government rescue operation was very apathetic. The info I gathered was from people who were at the site of disaster in Islamabad. Some people are alive in the ruble and are trapped for more than 12 hrs, they have made calls from their cell phones.

Ali | October 09, 2005

Condolences, Sepoy, for the loss of life in this tragedy.

Ayesha | October 10, 2005

Its unfair to criticise the government this harshly. A tradegy of this magnitude is unprecedented - and in my opinion given the circumstances the government did react swiftly. heck, we belong to a third world country and you cant be expecting a proper disaster managment plan and unit. In trying times, it is better to aid and help and push in any way one can, rather just criticising and sitting around.

emullah | October 10, 2005

Ayesha! Thanks for your comments. I agree the nature of disaster is huge and we are talking about developing country. If I were in Paksitan you would have literally seen me digging and reaching out. At this moment I am just trying to mobilize resources with the help of friends. However, it made me very uncomfertable when Musharraf said he watched the progress on TV and he saw government officials working over there at the sight of disaster. Is this how government measures the progress? Yasin

Procrastination | October 08, 2005

Earthquake in Pakistan There was a devastating earthquake in the northern parts of Pakistan and India about 24 hours ago. The epicenter of the 7.6 intensity earthquake was about 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Islamabad. Latest numbers are more than "18,000 killed and 40,000 w...

IQRA Free love in deep Pakistan | November 28, 2005

[...] Raven, Reality Cafe: “What Century is this?” Update: As many as 400 schoolchildren are feared dead in Pakistan in the wake of huge earthquake which has claimed thousands of lives throughout the country. Chapati Mystery has links and a wiki. by Raphael | News | Trackback URL | Comment RSS Feed | Bookmark | Incoming links [...]