Down to The Wire I

Posted by sepoy on September 04, 2007 · 1 min read

Also see, David Simon in The Believer [via kottke]


Zobaria | September 04, 2007

It's not about winning or losing, it never is and it never was. It's about making people around us realise their potential to do good and believe in it. Yes, it was about love and may be still is, it was about science and still is, it is also about the impact teachers have on their students,it was about home and probably will never be. Finances are important (no one has to tell that to a scientist, after all PhD is interpreted as Poor Hungry Doctor) but that is not the end in itself, it goes beyond that. The truth (we might lie to each other, to our Gods but can we tell a lie to ourselves?, please a scientist can never do that, I can only refer to code of ethics for bioscientists)and it's search (with all the limitations we still have not been able to overcome) takes us to frontiers we can only reach with an open mind (be it cure of cancer, design of mass transit system in Karachi or schizopherina)and that is the goal of science. We might fall now and then, we all need support... may be a woman needs it more than a man ... but who has seen tomorrow?

fathima | September 04, 2007

i cannot say enough how much i love this show. the interviews in this video, i think, leave a little to be desired, but i am willing to forgive much in light of how incredibly groundbreaking this show is. i remember, after watching Season 4, i felt as though those kids were real and i'd see their faces every where i went. whcih sounds cliche and slightly twee, but i have never felt that way about any other piece of art. when does Season 5 come out?

sepoy | September 05, 2007

Jan 6, 2008. And no, I cannot wait.