Divorce of Imran Khan

Posted by sepoy on June 27, 2004 · 1 min read

If I had one superhero, one legend, in my youth it was the amazing Imran Khan- Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team through late 80s. I remember that poster in Aamir's room of Imran's bowling action and how I tried oh-so-sadly to emulate that. Got my ass kicked.
Imran Khan cemented his legend by leading Pakistan to World Cup victory in 1992. He retired and got married to Sir James Goldsmith's socialite daughter Jemima. She moved to Lahore and converted to Islam. He started on an ambitious project to build the first free Cancer Research Hospital in Pakistan. After that, he entered the political scene by launching his own party, Tehrik i Insaf, based on a platform of social justice.
He was not that successful. You cannot break into the oligarchy of military elite and landed elite, no matter how popular you are. And he never won a seat until 2002. His political compromises robbed him of his character-based appeal to the public. Jemima's faith was an issue as was his children's faith (and names).
His divorce, at least in London, is being written as the incompatability of East and West. Hogwash. I believe him when he says that his political ambitions left him with little time for else. Or maybe it was his playboy past? I haven't really seen how the Pakistani press is dealing with the story yet ...
Regardless, it is sad to see one's heroes proven mortal. Mais c'est la vie, non?


Ejaz Asi | June 28, 2004

It wasn't worse for me than how he's been with Poor Jemima over the last couple of years. The only good thing about the divorce was that it happened amicably. Why wouldn't it be. What was left with Imran Khan to do anything about it? But I, like all others, wished they could have stayed longer than this. But, it's certainly not good to see your heroes loosing - ever.

Moiz | June 28, 2004

Imran was a an honourable man and remains so. He is every young man's hero and these are glitches in the life of a hero. though a major one.

Aamir | June 28, 2004

If i ever wished divorce for anyone it was Benazir Bhutto, not for the reason that you think but just because it's good for her and for the people of pakistan. And for some reason i always thought that Imran and Jamima were the perfect couple.......................how can someone be so wrong.

sepoy | June 29, 2004

what? you have something against Mr. 10%? As for "perfect couple" business...there has been, in the vast history of this world, only one "perfect" couple: Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. ok. i kid.

fatima | July 12, 2004

is baat se pahle tak i loved imran but at that news I HATE HIM jitna koi kise ko kar sakta hai akhar imran khan ne wohi kia jo aik mard kar sakta hai .imran ko jitna bhi bura kaha jai kam hai he is a PIG

Yasir Iqbal | July 27, 2004

Imran is an honourable man and remains always. He is every young man's hero and personally i had learnet a lot of things from him including his style, his personality, his life on the whole, these are exams in the life of a hero but he will recover them very soon. He must help Pakistani people in politics as he had helped Pakistani cricket. My prays will always be with him. I wish that i met him face to face and have a dinner with him. I like to spend a lot of time with him. He is a true legend. I like him very much.

ash | August 03, 2004

Imran is the greatest all rounder. He has an aura and is charming. He knows his game and he knows exactly what he has to do with his life. It's good that Jemima and he lived happily this long, and very sensible that they amicably call off their marriage. Two sensible adults. Hats off to you Imran. One wish in life, to meet you in person sometime. Watched everyumatch of yours, since my childhood

rizwan saeed | October 20, 2004

there are two things one is imran khans personal life and i believe that we are no one to comment on his personal life he has got the vision, he is not a kid that he does'nt knew what marital life and relationship means ....so what his divorce is a totally personally issue i wonder why people react so badly about this...after all he is a man ...secondly he has got his priorities...how u comment on nelson and vinney mandelas' divorce?....so this thing lies with him purely ...obviously divorce is no good but no one take this step for fun or novelty like a person of imran sort especially having kids ...there must be some solid background....secondly i respect him as a greatest pakistani captain...(atleast he took pakistan on the victory stand of world cup ; which no one did...and never indulge himself in match fixing especially in finals :) Imran khans contribution in making a cancer hospital is something which can be shown to pakistani leaders and politicians that look this is the job! he is a hero was a hero and will remain a hero may God give him more strength and patience. amen

imtiaz mithu | October 20, 2004

imran khan and jamima...belongs to two different culture , norms and values...although IK was used to her culture but certainly not an outcome of that british culture...he is egoistioc...got lot more things to do than jamima...and has enjoyed far more respect and fame at every stage of his life....he has opted politics to bring change in pakistan ..and atleast he is trying to bring change....like gandhi..mandela..and many other leaders tried ..including relegious leaders ...his aim is high and i believe NOT FAILURE LOW AIM IS A CRIME ...he was criticised many times during his professional(cricket) career , later during his cancer hospital project and he proved that he is the man of his words...now what ever are the circumstances (obviously hard that he took such decision) he has opted politics ...showing that he is thinking beyound his individual life and is thinking for coming generations of pakistan and future of his country ...we should appreciate him atleast that he is not living for his sake only but he has rendered his life for people and such persons comes once in a blue moon. Hats off 4 the great Khan....and for jamima i believe she can find a suitable partner for her life if not hugh grant :p

SughraN Rehmat Ullah | October 20, 2004

Mithu paayen...tuhanu lagda hai bohta he pasand hai pathana da munda!!! Chalo mann lenay aaN k o ikko e hai pooray Pakistan ich per paayen tuhadi parjayi bibi Jemima dee we kujh ijjat hai. O bechari pardes chhad k saat sumandar paar kar k apnay maa peo bhen bhra dost yar gawandi chhad k aayi Pak. Te tusi ohde baray hun enj keh rahay ho.Keeh khya main? Samjhay k nahee??? "King is died.Long live the King!!!"

jhani ustaad | October 20, 2004

khan sahib keep lifted (chuk k rakh) and dont worry about such petty relations ...u r man made for the future of pakistan and not for fashion industry like any blonde of a billionair family....not talking about paris / nikkie hilton what ever u do when ever u doand with who ever u do we believe in u....keep screwing goriaaan if they try to come outta their timings:) keep cold (thand rakh) and keep your obstacles upon your what lies between "K"and "M" ( find yourself what lies between K and M. thats all folks! and gulz...tch tch tch..beware of khans :D

Shankar Shikra | October 20, 2004

Aye bachrya...sala namak harami karta hai woh bhi Khan k sath!!! Apun watt laga de ga teray salay ki aur tera bhoosa bhi nahee milne ka kachray k dabbay se.Samjha kya! Sala mamoon banta hai jada shana banta hai kya? Sala apun ider chokra log naee bolne ka kya!!! Chal phutt yahan se nikal le chutki bajatay he...warna thok daloon ga salay ko!Aur jada hoshyari ki na tu apni khopri mein samajh le k apun Bhai hai yahan ka.Apun raj karta hai Lahore pe...samjha kya!!!

imran ahmed khan niazi | October 20, 2004

shanker bhayya apun aik gareeb aadmi hai apun ka kiya hai...saali goree chiknee chokree nay kaha k woh abb jana mangti apun ke kiya auqaat k kuch kehta ...apun lungote samait k nikal liya...tu kahay ko naraj hota hai apun tu paida he kasht uthaanay k liyay hua hai aur woh chokree anand k liyay.....gaee tu gaee hamm gareeboon ke aik ijjat he hotee.woh bhi rooth gaee .....saali bhaag gaee ....tum kahay ko apni khopri kharch kartay ho ...dherajj ...shaant ...kia? aisee kaee chiryaa aee aur chalee gaee magar ye apun ka khan hai na ....sun ray iss k baray mein aik lafz bhi nahe kehnay ka kia? nahee tu lafra ho jaye gaa aur aik aur chiknee chiryaa urr jayee ge teray ghar say..chall phutt ...saaaala !!

Ghazala | January 02, 2005

I think it's a decision made by two sensible adults and everybody should respect it.I wish Allah give both of them a happy and peaceful future.

imran | March 30, 2005

hi i m imran after getting the news of the divorce of imran i was really shoked imran took a long time to get married and the result was really bad i was really sad by the news imran is my HERO and i cant see him sad or worried i will pray for him forever because i like him so much may Allah give him a beautiful eastern wife Ameen

Farzana | August 09, 2005

Hi, Imran, don't worry, may Allah will make you happy again!!!dukh bare din bite re saiya.......ab sukh aayore...... Just think possitive,don't you sad, be happy I love you!!!!Inash Alllah you'll be happier then ever. I love you!! Take care. Alllah Hafiz

hawa | September 15, 2005

hey imaran khan what a bueaty you divourse coz what a name and intital you both had together with in the loyalty how does this make an very sad appearance you two change hope you to get back together coz you got a 12 yrs old gurl or daughter i say oh you plan to get married what will this horrible world think of you

zara | November 26, 2005

Imran and Jemmima made a beautiful couple , but it was not meant to be . To be honest with you know one even knew her untill she got married to Imran . She got all her fame by marrying Imran . Imran would have been better off marrying an asian girl rather than marrying a white girl . I think Imran khan was and is the man of every womens dreams . Jemmima humiliated imran whith thoose disgusting pictures with grant .No matter what happens a white woman will never stick with an asian man good luck imran .

Sin | November 26, 2005

If anything, I think that it's completely Imran's fault. The woman changed her name, her religion, and gave up a fairly fantastic life for his sake, but he became obssessed with his political ambitions and effectively relegated her to the back-seat. They'd had an amicable unofficial separation for quite a while at that point, so I think that if anything, they were both aware of the the fact that things between them weren't going to work out. I fail to see how a picture of two people hanging out is "disgusting", but I think it's also important to realise that the blame be placed appropriately.

abbas | December 21, 2005

No doubt he was a great cricketr and one of the best Captains. But I think Imran is not just a very greedy person but also a corrupted one at heart. His each step is calculated and pre-planned just to bring fortune and good reputation just for himself. He cares about no one else. I cannot even imagine how low a person can become for the sake of power and fame. I am pretty much sure worse is gonna happen to him. One day he will be exposed. Mark my words.

zara | April 01, 2006

imran , is the best allrounder ever in cricket history . what he does is his business . i hope he finds the right asian wife for him self .you deserve alot better than jemmima ,,,,,, love you allah hafiz .

sayyed nasir ali | October 26, 2006

hi east r west imran khan was is and will remain the best for ever bcoz he is a pathan.i think still in this age of imran every girl wants to marry imran.i think jamaima a good girl but her relation with others oh no at least a pathan cannot accept it.we all know jamaima bcoz she married imran khan other wise no one knows her.i read the comments above and every girl is still saying that "i love u imran".we all pray for ur success in political life bcoz imran khan is a real hero.not edhi.

imran | March 07, 2007

IMran truely a legend of Pkaistan. He is my childhood hero and remain my hero forevr. I pray to wish him success in his political Life. He is the only leader to lead pakistan

rahmat | March 18, 2007

imran is clever he had a nice time with her and soon they had no time or love left 4each 1 then they decide to divorce! jemima helped him in building the pakistan first major cancer research center!no body will miss a chance the 1 khan had!good luck to khan! R.s.b london

jalil kakar | April 10, 2007

i became sad while listening about their divorce.jamaima become muslim really pleased me.but now after divorce . i only wish that she remain good muslim.God protect her eman.God bless her.

Rizwan Kayani | August 08, 2007

Well I agree with some of the comments above, Imran was the 'Perfect Hero' for me, who stood up to the authorities and aristocracy of the UK during the ball tampering affair to claim a beautiful convert to Islam. This for me was the ultimate victory a victory they could both rejoice in on getting on that 'highway to heaven', a victory for Allah!!! However as the Shaytan would have it 10 years into the marriage often the hardest term for any marriage Imran's goal setting continued in his lust for more vanity in the form of political power!!!! What could be more detrimental to sacrafice a decent peaceful family life and happy marriage for such fruitless causes!!!! Maybe I am to blame like the many masses that put this guy on a pedlestool like some demigod. Maybe I and many others failed to see through the imperfections of this 'Perfect of heroe's'. The person I am most dissapointed at is Imran for divorce in my beleif is the biggest loss any man or any sports man can go through!!! In the eyes of Allah it is truly back to the doledrums and darkness to death, misguided by a life lost, for a vain lust for 'Power'. Wasn't his legendry status as a cricketer enough? Hell no his talents reached far beyoned his wildest dreams more so than many an average man's acheivements, for Allah knows and Allah is the best of all planners!!!! I now know not to idolise mere mortals from priviledged or none priveledged backgrounds we are all equal in Allah's eyes and will receive the appropriate tests according to our deeds. I will never be fooled again!!! Allah hu akbar I really hope Imran and Jemimma and their children find the right path in Allah for we know only Allah can help them now!

Ahmed Quadri | November 11, 2007

Indeed its sad to see the near perfect couple getting separated. They had a good nine years of marriage and suddenly had to quit each other with mutual understanding? Either of them could have sacrified for living together. The separation keeps the life of their children at stake. Imran has a daughter from his first marriage and now children from second marriage are facing the trauma. May Allah bless all of them and shower happiness on them...!!!!

hashim | January 07, 2008


aisha | June 06, 2010

he is every girls hero .in his times every one had a crush on him.the most sexy man i have ever seen is imran khan.MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS HIM