Dhaka Blasts

Posted by sepoy on August 17, 2005 · 1 min read

I don't really know what happened in Bangladesh yesterday but scores of homemade bombs exploded across Dhaka killing one and injuring hundreds. Claiming responsibility is the Harkat ul Jihad-i Islami. This is one of those nebulous Kashmiri, Talibani, Checheni outfits that markets in trained jihadists across international lines using various bases in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. They have been active in Bangladesh since the 80s.

Bangladesh's path since freedom in 1971 has not been easy and with the familiar rotation of military dictators/autocrats that Pakistan has had. Coupled with the recent attacks on Ahmadis in Bangladesh, this bodes ill. The jihadist agenda finds more and more traction...

update: see Rizwan.


bongdongs | August 17, 2005

Khaleda's alliance with the "Islami Ekjute" comes home to roost. Khaleda is attempting to recreate a Pakistan style millitary-mullah alliance. Also note the recent overtures to China for "nuclear assistance".