Posted by sepoy on October 09, 2005 · 1 min read

30,000 dead is being reported on PTV. The Margala Towers collapsed in Islamabad. I have a lot of family in the area and, so far, reports are that they are ok. The hardest hit areas in Azad Kashmir, esp. Mansera, are places where we spend a lot of time.

I feel as helpless and unable to cope as I did when the Tsunami hit or Katrina.

What we all have done and what we all can do is send money.

The problem is that Pakistani relief agencies don't have a good setup for this.

Edhi Foundation is my recommendation but sending money to them is not easy if you are outside of Pakistan.

There are local charities and families that I know that could also appreciate some direct aid.

I am going to set up a Paypal account. All money will be send directly to either Edhi or families. I will try and be as open and transparent about it as possible.

More as soon as Paypal verifies my information and I have a link.

I hope that all of you readers can donate. Red Cross International is always there.


kuffir | October 09, 2005

given the history of donations-for-relief in the sub-continent one feels doubly sorry for the victims. watch the parasites who grab the money faster than it comes in !

Zack | October 09, 2005

While Edhi Foundation doesn't have any online donation page (or even web presence), I have mailed a check to their New York office a few times. It's slow but it does work.

Ejaz Asi | October 09, 2005

It was sunday and all we could do was mobilize people to send their blankets, clothing and other non-perishable items to the relief camps. I hope to have an online transaction account in few hours with the help of team of IndusMart, would put up the link at my blog as well as email you guys. I just have to see where to submit the money ASAP so as to speed up the process. Your help to spread the word would be much needed.

sven | October 09, 2005

Just say when, and I will do all I can.