Delhi 2005

Posted by sepoy on October 29, 2005 · 1 min read

The parade of cities on the war-path of terrorists continues. I mourn for the victims. People who were shopping for happiness. Diwali. Eid. Children. Innocents all.

No hell is enough for these terrorists. No outrage sufficient.

A snapshot of Delhi from Agha Shahid Ali:

Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Swallow this summer street,
then wait for the monsoon.
Needles of rain
melt on the tongue. "Will you go
farther? A memory of drought
holds you: you remember
the taste of hungry words
and you chew syllables of salt.
Can you rinse away this city that lasts
like blood on the bitten tongue?


Umar | October 30, 2005

Fingers point to Lashkar-e-Toiba... The Na Pak Fauj created a monster a few years back, and we'll pay the price for it...

hoopoe | October 30, 2005

there has to be a way to stop this There just has to be a way I don't know how, but there has to be a way...I don't necessarily see terrorists as being the other but these are some really misguided fuckers. I mean please children shopping for happiness...there has to be a way. Come on sepoy you have taken so many initiatives... i feel...idunno how i feel.

shirazi | October 30, 2005

You right. I agree.

Baraka | October 31, 2005

Horrific tragedy. Beautiful poem. This year has been too full of sorrow. Peace, B