Dear Body Shop

Posted by sepoy on September 10, 2006 · 2 mins read

The Body Shop has no regard for desis. None. Here is a letter written, with unkempt hair, by one dear friend of mine. He may not want me to publish it on CM, but I think it needs to be. I think that The Body Shop needs to know what they are doing to their customers.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to register my most vehement objection to your decision to

discontinue the sale of Coconut Hair Shine. My wife and I have both been Body

Shop customers, off and on, for over 15 years now, and have tried many, many of

your products. But the one thing that has always been sure to bring us back into

the store was the Hair Shine, which both of us have used daily over this entire


Had we known that you were going to discontinue it, we would have stocked up!

Indeed, even now we are trying to get friends to bring us some Hair Shine from

England, where it is apparently still available in stores.

I have no idea what circumstances led you to take this drastic step, and thereby

deprive my wife and I of practically the only hair product that we have used

consistently during our entire adult lives. But unless the production of Coconut

Hair Shine was somehow exerting undue stress on the ozone layer, or depleting the

Pacific Salmon population, or driving up the price of a gallon of milk, or

contributing to Iran's nuclear ambitions...or at least SOMETHING important, then


Please, please, please bring back the Hair Shine. Until you do, I, for one, won't

likely be back to the Body Shop anytime soon.

Sincerely yours.


toski | September 10, 2006

Why not put up a kiosk outside the local BS store with Parachute, Dabur etc. for fellow coconut-hair-oil/shine deprived folks?