Posted by sepoy on December 01, 2005 · 1 min read

Maybe Elizabeth can tell us what apocalyptic nightmare is in this Turkish horror movie.


emullah | December 01, 2005

English link does not work

sepoy | December 01, 2005

Hence, my appeal to Elizabeth.....

elizabeth | December 02, 2005

(at your service).... Wow. It appears to be a Turkified mash-up of The Ring, 28 Days Later, and all those religious-shlock horror films based on overliteral readings of Revelations....except here the quasi-theological basis is a verse from thr Qur'an (Surat an-Nami, the Ant, which says "And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), we shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: He will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in Our Signs," acc. to one online text). I can't get the trailer to play, but the description on the film site says the premise is (paraphrased) that late at night, you're alone, and get an email from a friend, with a picture attached--and when you look at it, you're infected with some sort of electromagentically-transmitted virus/demon (the dabbe/beast), and doomsday (kiyamet) is on its way....one of the newspaper articles/reviews linked to on the site calls it "the first Islamic horror movie." i have no idea what mainstream interpretations of that verse are, but here's a great signs-of-the-apocalypse webpage (based on the writings of some Turkish dude calling himself Harun Yahya) that asks, is television the dabbe? damn, i totally want to see this now. Turkish pop cinema is really branching out genre-wise. A big hit when I was there last summer was a sci-fi flick whose poster made me laugh for totally unintended reasons: the film was called G.O.R.A.

sepoy | December 02, 2005

Holy Qur'an! I am so there. I hope you got a G.O.R.A poster. That would kick ass. My goal in life is to collect film posters from around the world. And thanks for the free translation. I owe you one.

elizabeth | December 02, 2005

alas, I did not get a G.O.R.A. poster. But I do have a lot of nice Turkish anti-Bush posters from the NATO meeting protests. if you want to see/purchase some awesome cheesy vintage turkish movie posters, check this out.

sepoy | December 02, 2005

holy guacamole. I need the pakeezah poster tho...

Kubilay | February 09, 2006

hi guys i am impressed to see you are interrested in the Turkish movie. i think you can find a G.O.R.A poster on the Turkish sites as it was the most popular Turkish comedy ever made. in a way it teases with an another Turkish movie "Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam" or "The man who saves the World" which is among the worst and funniest films of the whole world cinema history.it makes a parody of matrix and the average turkish man in the street as well.about dabbe, it is to come soon to the theatres here, the original thing about it is that for the first time seriously(i dont count the turkish version of the exorcist hehehe)the character is an islamic motif, here the genes and such things are really scary elements of our childhood horror stories. most turx either adult or teenager still cant sleep after such stories so it has a psychological effect i assume. but unlike christianity which is a middle-eastern religion as well the influence of Satan and other bad guys is more iminent in the islamic mythology(not sure what to call it but i folklore can apply too)in fact i would rather make a film on incubus.anywaY GOT TO GO. SEE YOU SOON.