Crickets Chirping

Posted by sepoy on October 22, 2004 · 1 min read

Over at tsk, is an ad hominem attack on Cricket. And I am asked to defend it. Just as tsk has to defend white man's brutal colonialism that has led to the unfortunate situation where a poor sepoy has to defend the landed gentleman's leisurely pursuit of sipping tea and knocking around a leather ball in a green lawn.
But, you know what? I ain't doing it. I have actually played and watched both sports for at least a decade. tsk, on the other hand, has merely read about cricket and watched 10 minutes of footage on my tv before passing out. And, that, does not qualify one to level a critique.

Instead, allow me to list the reasons why baseball sux.

1. Yankees.
2. DH
3. Home Run Derby
4. Home Run Chases
5. Steroids
6. Salaries
7. I-am-a-busted-dot-com Stadiums
8. Mitt
9. Chew
10. Curses of Bambinos or Billy Goats

Having said that. Let me be fair. A ball in baseball is harder to hit. A ball in cricket is harder to field. An at-bat in cricket is way tougher. A pitcher in baseball is way tougher. To be the captain of a cricket team is the toughest gig. And cheerleaders suck in every sport.

I will now extend a public invitation to tsk and anyone else in chicagoland to meet up for a game of cricket and allow me to kick your ass. Commentators feel free to take on tsk's list.


Morcy | October 22, 2004

I encourage all haters to view the India/Australia Test Series DVD I hve from 2001. It'll make converts of you all, as well as teach you everything you need to know about cricket, including what a hat trick is.

Marlowe | October 23, 2004

Hey Sepoy: You forgot the infield fly rule. Also, I've known you for, like, the entire decade of which you speak, and I've never once seen your codpiece wearing ass holding a Louisville Slugger, unless you were opening up a can of whupass.

sepoy | October 24, 2004

steve: that's priviliged information.

Tamanna | November 07, 2004

being what is referred to often as an ABCD, i have always had little patience or appreciation for cricket. it was always the long, boring game that fathers and uncles of the subcontinent incessantly followed. recently though while working in sri lanka during the south asia cup 2004, i discovered the excitement that is cricket. watching this game live is much better than watching baseball live (which i have done since i was a little kid). i can't explain the party atmosphere and excitement watching the india-sri lanka final from 2pm to midnight. definitely a reformed cricket fan.