Corners Turning

Posted by sepoy on August 03, 2004 · 3 mins read

As Daily Show pointed out last night, the new refrain from bushpartypeople is we've turned a corner and we are not going back (Bush said it 23 times in 8 speeches). HA. Could there be a more asinine theme for re-election? If you would remember the India Shining campaign (and it's twin "feel good"), you would recognize the futility of convincing a nation of something that blatantly contradicts reality. In case of India, CW now holds that millions of lower class Indians saw that campaign not as empowerment but as a reminder of what they had missed out on. The same fate is sure to greet this Rove'd campaign.
Of course, they will unveil the "official" platform and slogan at the RNC Convention. Until then, they are testing various words and phrases to see what gets traction. Empty words and empty slogans. I still have friends looking desperately for a job. We still have Tom Ridge playing emcee at the disco-roll and issuing Terror Threats based on intelligence that predates 9/11. There is no resolution in sight for N. Korea. Iran is happy building a nuke. Sharon is going nuts with the wall. Musharraf may or may not survive this year. Iraq continues to explode and bleed on a daily basis. The forests are burning, the children are crying and my head will explode dealing with the contradictions of this administration.
So can we turn a corner on all this? Yes. After Kerry wins in November. I feel safe predicting it. There is that strong odor of panic around the Republicans. I am going to take 2 weeks off this month and go register some voters in Ohio with ACT. That is my personal turning a corner into active political involvement (Voter Registeration! subversive!).
My friend Dani who inhabits NY (hey, DKNY!) emailed that she is getting some Bush Go Home tshirts printed for the RNC Convention. Go Dani! Although, I would suggest Bush Scares Me! tshirts. I still have those buttons Deaniacs made.
Tangentially, Mark asked about Kerry reportage in the brown press. Not much. I haven't noticed any real interest. Some Gulf newspapers have played up his Jewish ties and his continual declaration of support for Ariel Sharon. Some Pakistani papers noticed that democratic presidents are less enthralled with Pakistan. The convention coverage was minimal and, mostly, AP or Reuters stuff reprinted. As in the US, it's all about Bush.


tsk | August 03, 2004

bah. it's that same "it's ok he fucks up at his job, he's *such a nice guy*", folksy, quasi-everyman spin on shrub that he's been puking since day one. besides, even though it's patently false, if repeated enough times (look for hannity and the rest of fox to start parroting it immediately), the wal-mart set will start believing it soon enough, evidence otherwise be damned. good call going to register voters. what a rock star.