Posted by sepoy on September 10, 2004 · 1 min read

Some happy news on the movie front. I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman - author of Sandman graphic novels. He is an amazing storyteller or myth-maker, as I like to call him. His 2002 children's-book-for-adults, Coraline, is on top of the charts at the sepoy household having gone through innumerable readings. It is the story of a girl who walks through a door into a mirror image reality - if we consider the mirror to be slightly evil. Here is a review of it by that "other" author of children's-book-for-adults Phillip Pullman.
Anyways, the good news I wanted to share with me 4 readers was that it has been optioned as a movie. Normally that is not cause for celebration but, in this case, the movie will be made by Henry Selick doing a full stop-motion version. Brilliant, I say. Selick is the mastermind behind Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas - another great movie - whose latest work is in Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic. Movie heaven.


Nitin | September 10, 2004

My wife and I are reading Pullman now, and the preliminary opinion is that His Dark Materials are fantastic. Next stop, Gaiman.

sepoy | September 11, 2004

I only read His Dark Materials last year. A friend forced me to read the first book while I was in the middle of preparing for my orals. I DROVE to borders at 10:30 the same night to buy the second two volumes and I consumed them over the next days. Such good stuff. You will like Coraline as well. And I also recommend the Sandman series.