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Indian Troops


akbar | September 09, 2007

1) According to Daily Times Thursday, August 02, 2007 Pakistan Navy takes command of multi-national task force BAHRAIN: The Pakistan Navy on Wednesday took command of the Combined Task Force (CTF-150) of the navies of 20 nations, which maintains security and stability at sea and complements counter-terrorism efforts in the waters of regional states. A ceremony was held at the auditorium of US Navy Central Command, where Pakistan Navy Commodore Khan Hasham Bin Siddidue formally took over command of CTF-150 from the outgoing commander Rear Admiral Alain Hinden of France. Pakistan, which has taken command for the second time, will supervise operations to safeguard maritime interests spread over around 2.4 million nautical miles of waters, stretching from the North Arabian Sea to the Horn of Africa, and including the Red Sea. US Combined Maritime Forces Commander Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff said that Pakistan was once again being given command of the CTF-150 “in recognition of its professional competence and commitment to the just cause”. In his take-over speech, Commodore Khan Hasham Bin Siddique said, “The Pakistani government has made a conscious choice to side with the free world … and the Pakistan Navy's joining of the coalition maritime campaign over three years ago is a clear manifestation of this policy.” Later, the national anthems of Pakistan, France and the US were played. app 2)According to The Hindu Tuesday, Sep 04, 2007 Joint naval exercises begin today Sandeep Dikshit India, United States, Japan, Australia and Singapore to take part Two aircraft carriers from U.S. and one from India will take part The exercises will conclude with a mock battle As the French say" More the things change ....."