Conference Call

Posted by sepoy on January 03, 2005 · 4 mins read

Welcome to 2005, gentle readers. I hope all of you had a nice break. I sure did. The break from CM was nice; though, I must admit that I cheated on all of you and posted elsewhere a few times. But, I swear I was thinking about you the whole time. We will get back into the swing of things very soon. Until then, enjoy the potpourri below.

The beginning of this new year is all about conferences. First up is the American Historical Association. I am going to Seattle this weekend for it. I am not presenting but I may have an interview or two. No one knows as of yet. I am not terribly excited about it, but my excitement level can rise after a few pints. Any readers in Seattle? Next, will be South Asia conference at Berkeley in mid-Feb. I will be presenting there and that paper needs to be, uh, written. Right after that, I am involved in a conference right here on Uchicago campus on the study of the non-West in the academy. Paper needs to be written. After that, in March, is a possible meeting of the American Oriental Society in Philadelphia. Paper will need to be written for that as well. I already cancelled a trip to Hawaii [HAWAII!!!] where I was presenting on a polisci panel on nationalism. I just can't take all that, really. Even more: a couple of conferences on campus on the legacy of Bernard Cohn and the aftermath of colonialism (yeah, that). Will have to attend those in March as well.

I don't like conferences.

Now, a few editorial notes. The subaltern is dead. I just cannot keep up with the man. Instead of conquering Punjaub, he wrote in his journal 2, 3 times a day. Back to history's dustbin for you, Mr. subaltern. I will replace that space, I think, with selections from primary texts as I come across them. Largely from imperial writings, whether Arab imperialists in the 8th century or Scottish imperialists from the 17th. Look for that.
I have added a few more blogs on the right. Do visit them. Anand wants to bike from Kabul to Kolkata. If he makes out of the baray-bazaar in Peshawar with his bike, I will salute him [maybe he should go from kolkata to kabul?]. Support him, please. Claire wants to do nothing but write about the progress of her phd. Please support her. Also, Sharon is going to start a History Carnival - which is a virtual orgy of historians and their texts. All interested historians please contact her. Through Zack, I learned that CM is nominated for Best Pakistani Blog. Hmmm. Anyways, this being the last day of voting, I just wanna thank those who voted for me. I do appreciate it. A penultimate note here is the emergence in the blogging world of sonee - who will show the world his unstoppable bowling technique coupled with his unstoppable finding water underground technique.

Finally, one of my red-hot post on Ra Da Punjabi Rapper just got updated. I will be interviewing Bohemia on my trip to West Coast. I cannot wait to talk, in Punjabi, language, ethnicity, and how damn good it feels to be a gangsta with Bohemia. Maybe I should see if one of those internet dailies (salon, slate etc.) wanna pick up my piece.


Sumana | January 03, 2005

I work for Salon. Tell me more and I could try to get you an 'in' as the kids say.

s¯nee | January 03, 2005

Congratulations to CM on becoming the 'Best Paki Blog', well done and BEST of Luck with all those shibrum-shibrum conferences.Can we access your papers through some online journals??.We should definately fix a double wicket challenge :) and NOW i give out mad OIL finding techniques!!!

Chan'ad | January 03, 2005

Mr. Subaltern, rest in peace. It was fun while it lasted.

Amardeep | January 03, 2005

Damn, kid -- you're busy. I have zero conferences lined up for the spring. On the other hand, I am *organizing* a conference on South Asian Secularism to be held in December... Guess I'll be busy after all. (Consider giving a paper? More details soon)

tsk | January 04, 2005

congrats on the nomination / awards... but, a pass on hawaii in exchange for seattle and philly?