CM PwnD!

Posted by sepoy on January 17, 2007 · 2 mins read

I am sure you all noticed that this site has acted flaky lately. At first, I kept thinking that it was due to my host, not doing a proper job of, hell, maintaining ONE damn SQL db. However, on monday, I discovered that CM had been hacked by some Saudi scriptkiddie named TrusT_Me.

You can see the hack here. TrusT_Me seems to target Linux based sites running some exploit or the other. But really, I don't know how he did it because my DAMN HOST won't tell me anything. I used to be happy with their service but guess who is about to cancel his account? Oh yeah. Me.

And as to why this honor? Why was CM targeted? Hard to say, we are such gentle souls that I cannot imagine anyone ever getting mad at something I wrote here. The amount of roses and chocolate delivered to my home testifies to the broad love that CM generates in the hearts of men and women. It appears that maybe Trust_Me targets folks he deems are morally suspect and/or corrupt. I do plead guilty to that. But, I am also not going to let this one slide. I declare Freedom Jihad on the Kingdom - Let democrary ring from Riyadh to Jeddah. Look forward to my exposé, my behind the scenes look - at the highly secretive society of KSA. Admittedly, I last visited at the tender age of 11 but we all know that the Orient is timeless.

All this to say that CM may continue its flakiness over the next few days, as I resurrect it at another host. It seems to be up and down and all around for no apparent reason. So, I doubt my gentle readers will be that inconvenienced.

ps. Obama announced that he is going to start thinking about this whole presidential thing. Nice!

pps. 24 is awesome but why did they kill Kal Penn! WHY do they always got to kill the desi brother? Oh yeah, they kill all brothers on that show. Do you know it is Dick Cheney's favorite show? He accidently shot 14 LCD tvs during the premier episode.


desiknitter | January 18, 2007

What's with that weird music, yaar?

sepoy | January 18, 2007

Greatest Hits from HacKrZ '10

Zobaria | January 19, 2007

No respite from the hackers. I KNOW and then there are psychiatrists who have the audacity to call you paranoid!!! (admittedly, I did say that they are trying to hack my brain, but something outrageous was needed to wake the shrink from his slumber).

Rob | January 20, 2007

Coincidentally, I sent Globat my own cancellation notice this morning, but due to their astonishingly incompetent billing department. About a month ago, I was charged for a renewal I did not owe. To add insult to injury, my domain was suspended for non payment of renewal. To add torture to incarceration, I was then "scheduled" a refund for two months hence. The reason, incidentally, why they thought I owed them for renewal, is because they hadn't taken account of the free 6 months they'd given me to compensate for charging me TWICE for my last renewal. Being, as I am, not a man of vast means, these clerical errors have actually resulted in huge brainpain. I don't quite know why I'm airing this here, since your post already effectively wards people off their hosting, but I guess I thought I'd flesh out the company's staggering gesamtkunstwerk of incompetence. I am, incidentally, 99% sure they will cock up the cancellation.

antje | January 22, 2007

apparently, you are not alone. maybe Scandinavia or the initiation of some conceptual foreign words into the the popular English vocabulary are on your future horizon??