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Posted by sepoy on April 08, 2009 · 1 min read

Today marks the fifth year anniversary of this here blog. Here be the first post.

Thank you, gentle readers, for being here, for reading, for participating, for sending me links and articles, for being supportive, for sharing. Let the chapatis "flourish". Yeah? My puns are getting worse, as I age.


Qalandar | April 08, 2009

I've always meant to ask you (perhaps I already have, and have simply forgotten): as a chapati afficionado, have you read "The Seige of Krishnapur" by J.G. Farrell?

sepoy | April 08, 2009

No, man. It's been on the to-do for a while.

B Mani | April 08, 2009


Yes man | April 08, 2009

good blog. enjoy your posts. how about making the next step? Multiple posts a day, crazy irreverant rants. Let's Juan Cole the subcontinent.

sav | April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday CM! I feel so fortunate to read this blog, I've always wanted to learn more about Desi History but never had the opportunity to do so formally (well, a little bit here and there) because my folks thought I'd be poor! So I ended up in a more marketable profession and while I love it, this is the best hobby ever! Thanks so much Sepoy!

Conrad Barwa | April 08, 2009

Congratulations on achieving this landmark! Quite a few of the blogs I used to read 3-4 years ago have fallen by the wayside so it is great to see one enduring! I think this is something to be really proud of, I couln't have kept going for this long! You will like the Siege of Krishnapur, make sure to check it out!

Anil | April 08, 2009

Yay! Happy burday.

elizabeth | April 08, 2009

janm din mubarak ho! it seems like a good time to recycle this link:

elizabeth | April 08, 2009

...except copyright ate that one. Here we go:

Desi Italiana | April 08, 2009

Keep the chapatis spinning!

vivek | April 08, 2009

Hey, congrats! Samip tells me that the 5th anniversary is "wood." Maybe you should incorporate that into the theme somehow.

neha | April 09, 2009

Marvelous. Your chapatis get rounder and better puffed with time.

Sonu | April 09, 2009

Many happy returns! Long time reader/lurker and it has only gotten better with time. Here's hoping for many more years of delicious chapatis to come :).

DK | April 09, 2009


Jonathan Dresner | April 09, 2009

Mazel Tov! and many more!

sharon | April 09, 2009

Happy anniversary!

Baraka | April 09, 2009


RobDP | April 09, 2009

Happy birthday. You're ageing gracefully. | April 09, 2009

Hehe. He said 'wood.' Merry n+1, y'all.

Nikolai | April 09, 2009

May your chapati never stale.

Siddharth | April 10, 2009

Congratulations !!

saadia | April 10, 2009

happy happy birthday, CM. may you never get old - or is it stale (haha! my puns are getting BETTER with age! oops ... there i go again...!)

sarahjane | April 10, 2009

hoot hoot! janamdin mubarak ho! i'll roll some farang chapatis in your honor.

Ralph Luker | April 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Sepoy! Here's hoping for many more!

bilal | April 10, 2009

saalgirah mubarak!

maujkar | April 11, 2009

... mabrook ...