CM Anniversary: Acht So!!

Posted by sepoy on April 09, 2012 · 1 min read

Once again, I missed it. Eight years ago this little experiment - which, in 2011 produced two books (!) and countless millions of dollars (!!) - began.

There is no denying the fact that dhandha has been manda here lately. I have not found too much time to write.Yet, I have had so many amazing contribution from guest as well as the regulars that CM looks vibrant and alive to me. I intend to keep it this way. This year two of our old friends passed away. Ralph Luker shut down Cliopatria - the historian collective blog which I joined in 2004 as well. Ralph is an amazing curator as well as indefatigable member of the online community for many long years and I wish him all the best. The other good bye was from Sepia Mutiny - the place for desis to mingle. It was certainly a marker in media/social history of Desis in America. Both of these collectives were about community and about connections and about a certain relationship between dominant and marginal discourses. Their shuttering down is most certainly a step back and a diminution of public culture on those terms. There is no doubt that FB and Twitter have taken over conversations in ways unimagined in 2004 but that only means we need to incorporate newer ways of explicit community building.

CM will continue. We are actively adding new members to our writing team. I am excited to write. We are ON!


Rebecca | April 09, 2012

Happy Birthday CM!

Nabeel | April 11, 2012

One of your first posts was on Lara's quadruple? CM just got more awesome than ever before.

gaddeswarup | April 14, 2012

Some of the best that I have read in the blogosphere is from here. It seems that I missed the early posts and thus the context of several posts except those which stood on their own. Must browse through the archives some day.

Ralph Luker | April 15, 2012

Happy anniversary to Chapati Mystery! May she long endure!

Nikolai | April 17, 2012

Happy anniversary from an old time reader! Live long and prosper!

Usman Hamid | April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday! Don't ever leave us! Now off you go to weigh yourself in gold and distribute it in alms.

sepoy | April 24, 2012

Thank you Usman. I really enjoy your blog as well. Any chance you could drop me an email? mananahmed on gmail

Jill Diane Pope | April 30, 2012

I am constantly amazed at the material produced by all contributors to this blog. As an anthropologist-in-training with more than a passing interest in South-Asia, I feel lucky to be able to observe and interact with the discourse and thinking of the CMers. Thank-you for your passion, dedication and willingness to challenge ideas and ideals, and of course your ability to do so with a fair whack of humour and eloquence! Forever grateful that I stumbled across Chapati Mystery.