Close Call

Posted by sepoy on July 30, 2004 · 1 min read

I was gonna stay away today - recuperating from last night's Kerrymania. Yet, the world rudely intervened. Yesterday, a suicide bomber attempted to assassinate PM-designate Shaukat Aziz. He was campaigning in Fath Jang in the Attock district for the August 18th election. 6 people were killed in the attack. Shaukat Aziz escaped unhurt.
I hate for either Musharraf or Aziz to be the Franz Ferdinand of the 21st century. No, it is not alarmist talk. Musharraf IS a military dictator. I hate military dictators. Shaukat Aziz is an "appointed" PM with close ties to the Bush Administration. But we do not need either of them getting assassinated. That is a geo-political crisis Pakistan cannot deal with on any level. And an unstable Pakistan next to a turbulent Afghanistan next to the axis-of-convenience Iran cannot spell but D-O-O-M.
There have been repeated attempts on Musharraf's life. Some publicized some not so much. Some came very, very close. Various jihadists are determined to take him out. I really hope that they never succeed.
I am retreating into medieval textual world for a few days. Have a safe weekend, everyone. (Is the Manchurian Candidate medieval entertainment?)


s¯nee | July 30, 2004

I dont understand? How any of these Jihadi tanzeems can launch suicide attacks against fellow muslims?? isnt it 'haram' to kill other muslim even in any circumstances? How can their Mullah's say yes to it? i simply dont understand their way of interpertating things??? Allah give them Hadiya!

Deevaan | August 01, 2004

thanks sonee,there is nothing really any of us can do but make an effort for a civil society in Pakistan. sepoy, don't lose hope brother, pray for us in pakistan and collectively we can all pray for everyone

SheysRebellion | August 02, 2004

Isn't it 'haram' to kill anybody, Muslim or Not? Suicide bombers should not be considered Muslims. It should become clear now that this isn't about religion at all. --Lost Hope