Posted by sepoy on May 19, 2004 · 1 min read

I have been reading the Gothamist for absolutely no reason [i don't live in NY, duh] but I like the blog and always thought that there should be a Chicago version. Now, Kottke tells us that there is a Beta version out for Chicago called Chicagoist! And they even like History!!
The name, however, is not good and does not conform to the template. Gotham is not NY's name. How about WindyCitist? BigShoulderist? SecondCityist? Loopist? EList? StuffedPizzaist? Bluesist?
And Gerry wins the Name Game with The DaleyistÆ
Anyways, looking forward to this one.


Morcy | May 20, 2004

feels like only last tuesday that I was discussing donkey punching with one of the editors at Jimmy's. Wait, it was last tuesday!

sven | May 20, 2004