Cheney nearly goes beyond a smirk

Posted by lapata on February 27, 2007 · 1 min read

Karzai and Cheney having a bit of a laughIn pictures of Cheney following the failed assassination attempt in Afghanistan, he seems to be smiling in an almost non-smirkish way. According to Wonkette, this is his first real smile in years. Afficionados of the Cheney smirk will remember, however, that Cheney may not be able to move the right side of his face. In this picture, his head is tilted a bit to disguise that fact. Interesting to note that Hamid Karzai also appears to be having a bit of a laugh. Maybe that's because no one has yet guessed his secret identity, despite the squint in his right eye.


hoopoe | March 05, 2007

HK: Ooh! Back that thang into me! DC: Nice!