Charlatans for Islam

Posted by sepoy on March 10, 2005 · 4 mins read

Imagine a young, vibrant, clean-cut scholar of Islam who starts a tv show Aalim Online for GeoTV in Pakistan. On this program, he invites Shi'a and Sunni clerics and Christians and Hindus and Parsis and takes on controversial topics head-on. He even tackles suicide bombings and earns praise from The General himself. Imagine that being popular brings its share of naysayers. But the young reformist presses on. Imagine that besides being a popular tv personality, he is also the state minister for Religious Affairs. Imagine his defiance of the Orthodox hardliners, right in the senate. Imagine him challenging the stodgy, lecherous old MMA-wallas for not stopping sexual exploitation of young boys in the decadent madrasas; leading the MMA-walla to "use unparliamentary language against the minister". Ladies and Gentlemen, our collective imaginations have created a veritable superhero of moderate Islam!

And what enables our imaginary hero to leap over Islam and democracy in one single bound? What is the source of his power? His three-piece suits? No. His clean-shaven face? No. It must be his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies with a thesis on "Islam and Terrorism"! It is that which allows him to face with authority the bearded messengers of doom and gloom. It allows him to negotiate truth from heresy and assert the moderation and open-ness of Islam. It is the Ph.D. that he earned from Trinity College of USA, Spain. Alas, our superhero has a supervillian. Google. Intrepid reporters from one pissed-off MMA-walla newspaper, Ummat, googled our scholar and found that he purchased his BA, MA and PhDs in Islamic Studies over the web, then strong-armed the chancellor of Karachi University to approve them as accredited degrees so that he could run for election in 2002. Our imaginary superhero has imaginary degrees. Meet Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, Parlimentarian of MQM, Member of National Assembly of Pakistan, NA 249, Host of Aalim Online.

There goes Enlightened Moderation. But, the saga is far from over. Everyone in the National Assembly of Pakistan has an imaginery degree. Our superhero will fight back. He will triumph. Islam must be saved from the MMA-wallas!

update: In response to Zack's query, I googled a bit more and found this amazing quote:

DT: What are your predictions about the Pakistani politics?

AL: I am really disappointed with the Pakistani politics. The biggest despondency is the involvement of Maulvis in the mainstream politics, who are raising local issues at national levels. I am not hopeful with the national politics. The politicians of my country fight only for their own interests. I request General Musharraf to give me a chartered plane, and I would take all the politicians to Iraq. Then I would ask all those who claim to be great Muslims to come out and fight against the anti-Islam forces. If I could not take the airplane to Iraq, then I will destroy it in the sea. I would sacrifice my own life for this noble cause.

I am foreseeing a bloody revolution. Sorry to say, the democracy would bring nothing better in this country. Pakistan needs a bloody revolution. A person is required here, who will eliminate all the politicians once for all, and then intelligent and young people of Pakistan will come forward to lead the nation. I fear that in revolution the geographical situation might also change.



Zack | March 10, 2005

Amazing! Geo's website claims he is "MBBS PhD". His BA, MA, PhD have turned out to be fake. What about his MBBS?

Azher | March 10, 2005

does this website sell engineering degrees? I could use one at this point...perhaps an engineering masters?

sepoy | March 10, 2005

Zack: Here is his bio that I could find:

Born on July 5th, 1971 in Karachi, Dr. Aamer Liaquat Hussain belongs to a family that has been prominent in politics. He studied medicine at the University of Sindh and while still a student excelled in debates, journalism, broadcasting & campus politics. It was during his university days that Dr. Aamir Liaquat became an icon of the debating fraternity winning the ìBest Debator of Asiaî award bestowed by the International Youth Congress, United Nations. In addition he was declared ìBest Debator of Pakistanî (Eight Times), Sindh (Thrice) & Karachi, (17 times).
The website of the University of Sindh does not list any School of Medicine. Nor can I find any International Youth Congress.

Ms. World | March 10, 2005

Very interesting!

danial | March 10, 2005

Ask me how I am feeling? I am feeling betrayed. I campaigned for him during elections and had chance to listen and meet him many times. I never paid attention on his degrees during all this time. It never occured to me for a moment that he could be just as fake as mulla party.

s¯nee | March 11, 2005

I never liked the guy anyways! He seemed so artifical' ; I agree with Dr.Awab , he was actually the 'Jahil-Online'

Chanad | March 11, 2005

Hooray! I can't stand that guy and his ridiculously coloured sherwanis and suits. To be fair, I think it was significant that he had shia and sunni scholars sitting side by side each week. But it was somehow too fake. "Aaye, hum telephone call ki taraf jaate hain, aur suntay, sochtay, samajhtay hain" But mind you, "Alim Online" looks great when compared to a similar show on ARY Digital called "Istikhara Online". On that show people call in and tell them about their problems (usually about their spouse or mother in law) and have a maulvi do istikhara. It's amazing.

Farangi | March 12, 2005

Okay, don't kill me--but who gives a crap if his degrees are fake if--and I mean if, because I don't know jack about him--if he's saying things that need to be said? Like many of you, I am overeducated (legimitately) and underemployed. One of the few indisputably valuable things I got from my education was the knowledge that everyone (especially some of my knucklehead profs) was, at some level, faking it. Life has called much of my "education" into question, but that realization has never even budged. Sorry. Don't hate. Running for cover...

sepoy | March 12, 2005

It's called "integrity". Kinda like when the US talks about spreading democracy no one buys it. "It needs to be said" but the message is killed by the messenger. Ya know?

gerry | March 13, 2005

I love this blurb about accredation the Trinity College page: "At Trinity, we believe that by having an Accreditation Association, the Correspondence Accreditation Association (CAA), the awards are stimulated, strengthened and substantiated. So we formed the association, the Correspondence Accreditation Association, which will confirm your awards to any enquirer. Upon written request, we confirm the degree awarded, its date and subject, this is normally all that is required from any inquirer." There's also a comment on ethics.

uberhomme | March 13, 2005

Interesting stuff. One doesn't need a plethora of degrees to be classified as "intelligent" even by Geo's standards. To masquerade as an intellectual by having a series of false/dubious degrees is another matter altogether. What this does touch upon is another more serious matter. What does it take to become an alim ? There is quite simply, no system of accreditation. During the classical age of Islam, scholars went through some pretty gruelling training. The fruit of their scholarship is available centuries later. But what about modern ulama ? I know there is a recognised (by the state) curriculum (dars) that operates at the madrassah level. If today's output is anything to go on, this is sadly lacking.

Sin | March 13, 2005

And another one bites the dust. I just wish someone would have the patience and the energy to comb through the "degrees" of all our parliamentarians, not for the sake of actively ousting any one in particular, but just because sometimes, the truth is important. Wishful thinking, I know.

Bemused | March 19, 2005

hey...was just wondering..have the GEO ppl given any comments abt all this? i mean the fake degrees? and btw is Aalim Online still being aired...??

qatil | April 21, 2005

Alim(jahil) online Amir's Geo tv program is missleading lots of people especialy women giving lots of wrong information about islam by so called Alims. the very wrong thing Amir is said is "apna iman choro mat dosre ka iman charo mat" if this is so why YOU are running this program. why Allah has send lots of prophets to change people's faith(iman). if this is so then why we muslim do "tabligh". A muslim do not have his own faith a muslim always follows Prophet Muhammed's(saww) faith.

Ellen Bobi | May 17, 2005

We must not blame Dr.Amir Liaqat Hussain. Because he is our representative and is representing our national character which almost base on engineered half truths. What the other politicians have done to Pakistan! misery, illiteracy, diseases, slums with 38 billion dollars debt! Still Benazir and Nawaz claim loyality to the nation and to the country! What the military buraeucracy has done for Pakistan since its creation; repeated interventions, breaking of constitutions, watching attacks on sacred building (only) of supreme court? What the civil buraucracy (CSP/PCS) have contributed , building their own castles at the graves of tax payer nation and polluting / planning the departments of vital and technical nature for which they have no degrees and formal education? In these circumstances , we must appreciate Dr.Amir Liaqat Hussain as he has conducted several pogrammes wherein he has tried to build up concensus on releigious issues, irrespective of his degrees. Is there any body who may put him jail if his degrees are fake? Investigate many other cases and put them to the task? Is there anybody who may assure that deaths of Quaid-e-Azam, Fatima Jinnah, ZA Bhutto, Ziaul Haq, Asif Nawaz janujua were not engineered? Is there anybody who may suure that Dr.Qadeer Khan cant hide and lift heavy instruements in his pocket or at his shoulders? Is there anybody who may ensure people of Waziristan and Baluchistan that our forces are innocent like Capitan Hamad and are peace loving with national spirit? Is there anybody who may identify the Muslim league which actually built pakistan (Muslim League A,B,C,...J,N,Q...Z, Aa, Ab...)? and may differentiate loyal and oppertunist members of the wholy Muslim League? Is there any body who may save Pakistan from CSPs and PCS officers who are still dreaming for Lordships and are working against the noble and sincere (in true meaning)agenda of General Parvez Musharraf? by not pro-actively cooperating with the local governments.( Even then the performance of devolution system is better than the notorius DC system) If one can do so, then he has right to hang Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain not for fake degrees but for telling the first lie in the histroy of Pakistan?

JOHN | May 18, 2005

where are Ellen Bobie comments on Charlatans for Islam?

Charles | May 25, 2005

Trininity college and Universit a is a sacred and recognised institution at Spain, Dover as well as in some other parts of the world. Dr.Amir should tell the pople with confidence as he secured degrees from that institution base on his experience. Can anybody having a formal Ph.D degree compete him in Islamic Knowledge? Never. Mr. Amir has right to enjoy rank of Dr. because of the knowledge, certified by the Trinity.

Shabbir Ibn e Aadil | May 30, 2005

Assalam alaikum! Dosto main nay Ummat ka article daily 4 days tak parha hay ,, or us main say yeh nateeja nikla hay kay ! yeh jo amir liaquat hay woh ek chikna or jhoota wazeer hay , or us kay pass jo bhi degree hay woh 100% jaali hay , or us nay poori qaum ko badnaam kia hay , or us ko road per nanga ker kay ghumana chahiye or us ka moo kala ker kay gadhay per bithaya jana chahiye,,,, [...fuhashaat deleted by editor]

Shabbir Ibne aadil | May 31, 2005

Main neen Jo kuchh kaha hai, apne bare main kaha hai or apni maa or baap ke bare men kaha hai

BUSHaRRaF | June 11, 2005

I won't say that i had a vague idea that this guy was fake, but the way he was humiliating islam was pathetic. The way he used to cry on the 27th of Ramadan with crocodile tears was ridiculous. Last but not the least, preaching to be the follower of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and not getting tired of reciting naats in the praise of the Prophet, he could not dare grow a beard which is one of the most authentic symbol of muslims. He came up with a silly explanation that Sikhs and Jews have beards too, why should we have it, I wonder what would have Hazrat Umer said to him at a query against the principles set by the Prophet S.A.W. I just watched 2 or 3 of his programs, i shuddered at the thought that even people with the weakest faith don't dare challenge the principles of islam, and this guy did it without any hesitation. May ALLAH guide us all on the right path and may ALLAH deface anyone who tries to mess up our beloved religion.

Aftab | August 29, 2005

Please don't say such things about Dr.Amir Liaqat. I like his speeches. And he is indeed a very good host in AlimOnline show at GeoTV. Contact me for any comments. Thanks!

akram | September 01, 2005

first of all even if he had fake degrees he does not present himself as an Alim in the program, he is just sitting there as a host. there is to be more investigation from different sources if this is true. and secondly, he may have many opponents spreading false allegations against him. if he tries to cope with the problem of child exploitation, this could be one reason. i personally know lot of cases in Pakistan relating to child exploitation in some mosques of villages.

romana changezi | September 05, 2005

Assalam-o-alaikum,main ne logon ke views parhay hain magar main shayad un main se baz logon se agree nahin karti.q k aamir liaquat sahab ko ilzam dene ka koi maqsad nazar nahin aata,agar wo Dr. nahin bhi hain to is se kisi ko kia ?hamain sirf yeh dekhna hai k wo kar kia rahay hain?mere khayal se to un ka aalimonline jaisa prgm shroo karne par to hamain un ka shukrguzar hona chahiye.bajaye is k k hum dosron ko tanqeed ka nishana banayien hamain yeh dekh laina pare ga k hum kia hain.pakistani quom isi liaye tarraki ki rahon main abhi tak peechay hai k us ko siwaye keeray nikalne ke siwa kuch nahin aata.log chand se bhi aage jane ki soch rahain hain aur hum hain k inhin cheezon k peechay hain k kon kia hai?q hai?kia kar raha hai?aur q kar raha hai?sorry 2 say k hamaray log kissi ko kuch bhi acha karne nahin detey.sab se yahi guzarish karoongi ke [live &let live].Dr.Aamir se yeh request hai klogon ki ulti seedhi baton par tawajjah diye bagair is naik kaam main lagay rahain.Khuda hum sab ko naik rah par chalne ki toufeek de,Aamin.

Arnala Muran Mustapha Ibrahim Nouratin Khan Jee | September 09, 2005

How dare anyone say bad things about him .he isnt perfect . no one is

imad | September 13, 2005

what a hypocrite. and i see some of you are actually defending him. he may have been a fairly impressive host but he lost all his credibility with the revelation of his degrees being fake. whether or not hes knowledgable, the fact of the matter is he lied to the entire nation and he owes us all an apology, and with genuine tears this time.

Agha gul | October 08, 2005

what geo says about the following factual article he does not have Islamic knowledge except he is a good singer which the president likes. Dr. Fake Posted on Thursday 10 March 2005 I am sure you all must know of our famous MNA cum TV personality Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain. For the past few months rumors have been circulating that he is a fake doctor finally I have evidence. In a detailed investigation conducted by a local newspaper ‚Äö√Ñ√”Ummat‚Äö√Ñ√” and recently published in South Asia Tribune, some really interesting fact have indeed come forth surely worth a NAB ‚Äö√Ñ√”chappa’. Dr. Aamir appears to be one of the biggest local scams of Pakistan. For the past couple years he has been the host of ‚Äö√Ñ√”Aalim Online‚Äö√Ñ√” on Geo TV where he brings together Islamic Scholars to shed light on the religion of Islam. I have always disliked watching the show as it always appeared as a scam, a snazzy looking Dr. Aamir preaching Islam some how irritated me, but that’s just me, I have for sometime labeled his show as Jahil Online. It now appears to be entirely true. Dr. Aamir had been preaching Islam with such authority that it had the nation fooled for years including our General who has appointed him as a Minister of Religious Affairs (probably in a deal with MQM) He has graduated from ‚Äö√Ñ√”Trinity College and University‚Äö√Ñ√” with a Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 17, 1995). The next degree that he allegedly pursued was a Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 15, 2002) and amazingly 20 days later was awarded a doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies (conferred on April 5, 2002). All these degrees were awarded by Trinity College based out of Spain. The going rate for these ‚Äö√Ñ√”degrees by mail’ as published on the Trinity College website (link) is Bachelors = $ 212 Masters = $ 332 Doctorate= $ 500 Or a one time deal all three degrees for a bumper price of $ 850 Trinity College on its webpage claims the following slogans "providing degrees based on your previous life" and the best slogan "No Residency or Attendance is required in Spain Everything by Mail" Dr. (Fake) Aamir Liaquat Hussain contested the National Assembly elections based on these degrees and successfully won, he stands to be disqualified for providing fake degrees to support his candidacy (which as you all recall was strictly limited to graduates). The Higher Education Commission Pakistan has also declare in a letter that Trinity College is not a authorized degree awarding university. How can it be since its just one of those online stores that awards these degrees. Check these pictures out as they sure are incriminating evidence. Copy of his Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies degree Copy of his Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies degree Copy of his Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies Election Commissioner ‚Äö√Ñ√”provisionally’ accepting his degrees Higher Education Commission declaring Trinity College as a fake A sample degree issued by Trinity College (Side-by-Side) Detailed report on SA Tribune Get your fake degree –> Trinity College Website I leave you with considerable evidence, for you to decide Update 13th March: In a Google search of our fake Aalim I came across this interview from Daily Times Daily Times: What are your predictions about the Pakistani politics? Aamir Liaqat: I am really disappointed with the Pakistani politics. The biggest despondency is the involvement of Maulvis in the mainstream politics, who are raising local issues at national levels. I am not hopeful with the national politics. The politicians of my country fight only for their own interests. I request General Musharraf to give me a chartered plane, and I would take all the politicians to Iraq. Then I would ask all those who claim to be great Muslims to come out and fight against the anti-Islam forces. If I could not take the airplane to Iraq, then I will destroy it in the sea. I would sacrifice my own life for this noble cause. I am foreseeing a bloody revolution. Sorry to say, the democracy would bring nothing better in this country. Pakistan needs a bloody revolution. A person is required here, who will eliminate all the politicians once for all, and then intelligent and young people of Pakistan will come forward to lead the nation. I fear that in revolution the geographical situation might also change. 11 Comments for 'Jahil Online' TrackBack URI Anonymous March 10, 2005 9:28 am 1. Dr.Awab thanks for the great job for sharing such an important information about our fake minister. He should be completely out of the scene and a case should be registered against him for fooling the nation. Posted By: Mutant Human Jalal March 10, 2005 10:21 am 2. I HATE that guy. He seems so artificial and obnoxious. I hate this shows and I hate him. I would like to stick red hot pokers into his feet and see him writhe in pain. I am sorry I seem to be having too much of a ball. Bye shobz March 10, 2005 11:58 pm 3. well i dont care about him coz i dont watch local tv. we have loads of phoneys on tv. yasirmemon March 12, 2005 12:05 pm 4. Online fake degrees is a growing concern for all nations. It simply leaves the people useless, who put in their heart and soul in the 4+ years at univ. There should be an international body that recognizes a particular standard for all degrees. Organizations like the HEC should be reporting to that body from each country… Naufil March 14, 2005 12:42 am 5. Well done Awab! Keep it up!! Wasim March 14, 2005 1:51 pm 6. He must resign from his post as soon as possible. Anonymous March 21, 2005 6:51 am 7. If all this is tue than Aamir should resign immediately from Alim On Line and some reliable and qualified person should be the replacement Who? Me? April 7, 2005 2:06 am 8. *cough*bull*cough*shit* He even looks retarded. Dr. Ali Shah April 18, 2005 8:05 pm 9. Now, Daily Ummat of MMA should also expose fake maderassa degrees of leaders/MNAs otherwise the credibility of this paper can be questioned to target framing revenge against Dr. Aamir and his political base. Our beloved Alama-Iqbal Open University could also be seen as a “fake” univeristy if one can think of getting an online education is farud these days. Many US and western universities are offering online/ distance learning education. me and u April 21, 2005 1:45 pm 10. not even amir liaqat every one in our country is fake cheater bribe taker. can you stop ur father, brother, or any of relative to stop taking bribe or cheat other? no ofcourse not. April 29, 2005 12:09 pm 11. He is shameless and so is GEO Management. Agha Gul

Chaudhry Ghulam Ali Khar | October 09, 2005

I love this blog, but the people who read it - instead of being educated, tolerant, and universal Muslims - are sadly, ignorant bigoted and zealous. I would love to see the jerks ass maulvis from Jamaat E Islami and Sipah Sabah go to Iraq and help their Muslim "brothers". If all Muslims were indeed "brothers", then the Palestine issue would have been resolved a century ago. Also in Pakistan, we have been to influenced by the Hindu Bahmins who have incorporated this caste-system into our very own psyches. In Islam, we are all equal - yet this principle is not adopted when we marry each other in Pakistan. Jats marry into Jats, Rajputs marry Rajputs, Syeds marry Syeds, Yousufzahi marry Yousufzahi, Rohilla marry Rohilla etc. And every one thinks they are superior to the other. A sad bloody situation.

Babar Qureshi | October 10, 2005

Those who are giving Amir liaqat ali a margin of doubt , they can just google. The will find that the university boasts to grant PhDs instatntly. And they invoke you to give the credit card number NOW. And you get the degree in 15 days. BTW why would somebody pay 500 $ for a piece of (perhaps , at most well designed) paper. You can just print one for yourself using Microsoft Office I think. BTW I have another example of this kind. The Assistant Registrar of PU ( a young lad) claims to win a huge number of awards and stuff. And the one which he is most proud of is Genious of South Asia, which he has won two times. Ofcourse nothing like that exists. He actually recieved two medals from PU just as an aknowledgment of winning the prestigous Genious of South Asia award. He claims to have won many other such (existant only in his fantacy awards) and he not only gets away with all that crap, he actually is rewarded for coming up with such genious even by parvez musharraf himself.

Saleem | October 10, 2005

Is Amir Liaquat sunni or shi'a?

sadafsabar | October 11, 2005

aslaam-o-alakum . i want to ask some question but i dont have ur phone number and not even ur email adress.please give me that so that i will be able to contact u.Allah hafiz.plz reply me.

Umair A. Muhajir | October 13, 2005

This quote stood out: "I fear that in revolution the geographical situation might also change" What on earth does he mean? (I am genuinely perplexed-- what is the geographical "situation"? And am I the only one to notice that the host of alim online looks a lot like the guy who played the villain ("Roshi Mahanta") in "Khalnayak"?

farah | October 21, 2005

Aslamolaikum, I have a problem a very strang and swear. ALHAMDOLLILAH i am MUSLAIM and have some knowledge about ISLAM but even then i got a problem. i want to know that whether chatting on internet to boys is good or bad is it totaly against to ISLAMIC EDUCATION or not. Because in our normal life we talk to our office colegues and co-students who are not MEHRAM for us but we talk to them frankly. frankly means not in a bad sense but freely without hasitation but descent talk not voulgur conversation. i basicaly want to know either to talk to boys in daily life is forbidden in ISLAAM or not and on the same time What about chatting on internet. Plz Guied me in detail. i m very much upset. hope u will consider my point seriously as there is a boy who want to marry me and he wants to talk to me on internet whether it is right or wrong? ok BEST REGARDS ALLAH HAFIZ waiting for your reply eagerly .

HUMA | November 05, 2005


Sheharyar | December 04, 2005

Hi how ru all........ waisay aamir liaqut is doing a finest job in terms of preeching the muslims about Islam and other aspects of life according our religion..... and i really admire his efforts as a muslim........ i'v a question for aamir liaqut that kia aap mujhey kuch information de saktay hain about.... "" Kai hamarey pyarey rasool Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ki namaz-e-jinazah kiss nay aur kaisay parhai......" please Geo Tv im impatiently waiting for the answer of my question from aamir liaqut......

saima | January 04, 2006

i like this program this program increased a islamic knowledge

HANNA | January 07, 2006


ali hassan | January 09, 2006

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sanober | January 25, 2006

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kashfi | January 30, 2006


kashfi | January 30, 2006


ek shaks | March 02, 2006

Salam alikum baat sirf itni si hai ke jab ek shaks sahee hota hai to koi us ke peeche kiyon parega, jab ek shaks khrab hota hai tabhee us ke baray mein aisi batein sunnne ko mileingi ..... yeh sab chamchay hein, tabhee in hein .... media war ka daur hai ..... beherhaal mein ne bauhat shru mein ek prog dekha tha inka, jis mein inhon ne invite kiya tha mufti muneeb ko aur ek indan ko , aur holi per discussion kiya tha ..... discussion kiya, hinduon ko zalil ker rahe thay ..... aap ke islam mein hai ke aap kisi ke mazhab ko kuch nahen bura naheen kehsakte, kiyon ke woh jab aap ke mazhab ko kahe ga aur aap ka mazhab hee duniya ka woh wahid mazhab hai jo sahee hai ..... (hadith) 2 - ek aur prog. mein raju, jis becharay ke 3 bachay ghar mein jal gaye thay, us ke ghar ja ke shooting ki beghairat logon ne, aur phir ek lamba lecture diya over acting se bharpoor ke humaray yahan kunda system , yeh woh ..... itni sharam naheen ayee ke us becharay ke saath jo hua hai, us ke saamne to na karo yeh sab ...... 3 - last year kfc jo jalaya gaya tha nipa per, us mein bhi ek sahab jo deep freeze unit mein ja ke chup gaye thay (Allah unhein aur doosre sab jannat mein buland darja de, ameen) ...... un ke ghar mein ja ke un ki wife, amma, betiyan aur sab se poch rahe hein ke "ab kesa lagta hai ?" ...... kabhi kabhi mujhay itna afsos hota hai ke yeh duniya ja kahan rahee hai ..... itna dikhawa, yeh sab artificiality , yeh sab ...... yeh beghairat loag yeh bhi naheen sochte ke jis ke saath hua hai woh kitne karb mein hai, aur yeh khuda na kare, kisi ke saath bhi hosakta hai ...... mein poochta hoon ke agar yehi sab in ke saath hojaye aur phir in se koi pooche aap ki biwi naheen hai aur bache naheen hein, to ab aap ko kesa lagta hai ? ya in ke ghar mein ja ke shooting karein ..... aur phir lecture dene lagein un hee ke ghar beth ker ? ......

muneeb ahmed | March 14, 2006


ek shaks | March 19, 2006

i would definitely agree.actually today, everybody has taken the "theka" to represent islam under his way, specially people like him, and brother of muthaya muralitharan, yes the babar chaudhry.

waseem | May 06, 2006

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Zahira Aslam | May 26, 2006

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nayra | May 28, 2006

I am not sure if it is malady particular to Pakistanis, but I find that we are the most fickle nation. We are never happy with anyone person for too long -- we never look at all the positive things one leader or person has done -- always focused on negative. Our nation should concentrate on getting knowlegde and education-- be informed then and only can we differentiate between frauds or otherwise. As far as I am concerned Dr. Liaqat - irrelevant whether he has degrees or not- has brought up some eye opening issues in our society that most would rather not hear about or would turn a blind eye to. Good for him and I pray that more people would open their and bring the injustices to the surface so the people can be made aware and their eyes opened and maybe we will learn to deal with them instead of sweeping them under the rug.

ali yar | July 06, 2006


tc | August 10, 2006

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ambreen | August 29, 2006

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seeker | October 08, 2006

just going with the traditions of Aligarh Uni for handing out first-class degrees to every Tom, Dick and Harry. it never ceases to amaze me as to how nearly every Aligarh graduate i come across,he claims to have a first-class degree!

Dr. Sami A. Khan (Muscat) | November 06, 2006

Dear Brothers Salam Walekum wrbth! This is really offending to read such things about Dr Aamir on net. We all learn with time… how come we can deny this fact that corrupt people become righteous. It depends upon upon for what good actions of yours he (Allah) gives hidaya. Dr Aamir's contributions are praiseworthy. If you donot subscribe to his school of thought u have freedom to do that…so many sects are there in Islam. Hadith says there will be 73 and one will be right. Very difficult to say who is right? Don't tell anything wrong abt any jamat or even religions otherwise they will tell same for you…Quran forbids to do that. However Dr Aamir's dress or his style of presentaion is concerned. This is not so important. Mashallah, now he is having beard and it will grow more also in few years. What is surity that if you have balishtful beard, your Iman is secured, it is yr act, deeds, behaviors, concerns, motives, objectives and goals which detrmines yr suceess as a true muslim. In reciting quran, nats or hamds what is bad? Dr Aamir has enough credential to show that he is a good presenter, his achievment is praiseworthy. Regarding his dress, people criticize...he doesn't offend you by not adhering to SATAR, his choice of color and design is highly a personal things. If you don't like, you have evry right to not wear such dress and such color. Islam is a religion of moderation and not extremes. The age of today requires such people who can guide you being forthright. He subscribes to Hanafi maslak and ahle sunna, good enough. Don't go into matters which brings divide…quran warns for that. Dr Aamir sucess is huge by bringing people of conflicting views on a similar desk and establishing consensus to some extent in ceratin matter. This is surely helping to remove the gulf between shias and sunni community. His contribution is magnificient. What you want… to go in mosque during Ramadhan and kill sunni if u r shia and to kill shias if u r sunni. Allah says if u kill a single person for none of his harm, it is like killing the whole humanity. It is not warranted to agree with all what Dr Aamir is saying, if u don't agree use words which are parliamentarian and be logical in your comments. Wassalm! Allah knows the best.

Papu Jadoogar Mbbs | March 04, 2007

I have studied in the same medical school as both dr shahid masood and dr.amir. Every one in their batch knows about him. Dr Aamir is the biggest hipocrate of all times. Dr aamir is still wanted in karachi police records just like Sindh's Governer, Dr ishrat ul ibad. Cmon we know who they are and wat school of thought they belong to.. Bull Shit of their so called islamic speeches! And I am not just saying that..... I have proof of their all evil deeds.. Perhaps I will need to go in some witness protection prog. as MQM won't spare any one's life if they try to spoil their evil leaders image.

Someone from somewhere | March 13, 2007

Its strange how some people are surprised to find out about his fake degrees. The fact that he belongs to MQM should have explained everything. I mean come on...MQM and Islam...they are two completely opposite ideologies. MQM's main goal is to fight Islam and weaken Pakistan. By the way, how did he and GEO react when the truth was out about his degrees?

aaqib | March 18, 2007

sallam to all mai aamir liaqat sab ko nai janta aur ye bhi nai janta k un ke degrees fake hain ya nai lakin itna zarur janta hoon k wo eik acha program kar rhay hain, degrees say zaida important hota hai k aap k pass knowledge ho jo aamir liaqat k pass hai.

Kiran | April 02, 2007

He is doing a job, May ALLMIGHTY bless him! Amen

Abd al-Qadir | June 22, 2007

Just found out that this "Alim" is the younger brother of "Pir Sahib" Altaf Hussein. That explains a lot....

Farrukh | July 04, 2007

A total dramatic person... Due internal conflicts with high ups in MQM, he has been asked to resign frm his mna seat.

Ali Shahan | July 05, 2007

Yes, he was asked to resign but not because of any internal political conflicts with the higher management, but because he is expected to take up the position of Head of a renowed private TV channel. So it is assumed that he might not be able to fulfill the responsibilities as a Minister due to this additional responsibiity that he is about to lift. Thats why he resigned so that he could take full time to his career as a media personality.

M.Kamran Khan Ghouri | July 05, 2007

Asalam Alaikum Bohat Afsos kay sath kehna par raha hay kay humaray mulk kay mulaon nay logon kay zehan ko itna tang kar dia hay kay yeh log sirf apnay matlab or mufad ki baat kartay hein. Agar yahan kisi ka demagh zanjeeron say jakra na ho to shayad woh meri baat samajh jaye ga kay Huzor-e-Akram Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W) nay yeh peshangoi ki thi kay 14th century kay mula esay hon gay jo har baat ko apnay mufad mein dhal liya karein gay, or in logon ki peshaniyon par namaz ka nishan bhi hoga or Khuda ki Phitkar bhi, in kay dilon mein fitna hoga hukamrani ka or logon ko apas firqon mein taqseem karnay ka, Lekin ek waqat esa aye ga Jab kuch log is kay khilaf awaz uthaein gay, lekin yeh 14th century kay mula un ko Londa kehein gay or is baat ko sochay bagher kay Zikra-e-Mustafa ko pehlanay walay ko Zikra-e-Mustafa say roknay ki koshishein hoti rahein gi. Mafi Ka Talab Gar hon agar kuch ghalat kaha ho or kuch ghalat laga ho, Agar aap log khud ko Ziyada Musalman samajh tay ho to apni Himat dikhon or Jesay meray aik dost nay kahan kay Dr, kay sath waghera waghera kia jaye shehar mein to karo, agar samajhtay ho kay woh Pegham-e-Mustafa or Zikar-e-Mustafa nahi pehla rahay ya phir ghalat fehmiyan peda kar raha hay dein kay baray mein to humaray mulaon nay to Murghi par bhi fatwa laga dia tha to yeh kon si bari chez hay tumharay liye Insan hi to hay mamoli say. Yad Rakho Jab Jab Zikr-e-Mustafa Barhay ga Tab Tab Fitna bhi Barhay ga lekin Jab Jab Fitna Barhay Ga Tab Tab Zikr-e-Mustafa OR Barhay Ga. Shayad mera message parh kar koi mujhay khob galiyan day is forum pay lekin yeh sab galiyan or tuhmatein tum hari nekiyan mujh tak pohanchaein gi Hashar Kay Medan Mein Tab Koi Kisi Ka Dost Hoga Na Bhai, Beta hoga Na Baap, Jab Har Kisi Shaks ko hogi uski fikar Jab Khol dein jaein gay saray Aamal us kay Samnay or Keh Uthay Gi Qainat ki ek chez jo us nay ki hogi. Allah Hafiz

Ali Shahan | July 06, 2007

Wailikumassalam Ghouri Sahab, bilkul sahih farmaya aap nay. Aaj ki muslim duniya ka sab say bara fitna na America hai aur na hi nuclear bombs. Sab say bara fitna hai "mullah". Specially Pakistani Mullah. They have separated the muslims by dividing the islam in to many sects and now they are struggling to start a fight or say "war" in which muslims are killing and fighiting with other muslims. The best application of British philosophy "divide and rule", u can see here in Pakistan in our mosques. They have divide the muslims apart and now each mullah has become the king of his own mosque, in which he rules over a huge no. of his so called followers. Lal Masjid is the best example nowadays. Every mullah declares the follower of other sects as "kafir" and hence it becomes not only easy but a matter of pride and an opportunity to earn "sawaab" to his follower to kill each and every member of opposite sects which according to them are now 'kafirs'. Thats how things are running in Pakistan. But still, besides coping with such big and important issues, we are focusing more on non-issues like Amir Liaquat's degree, wether it makes a difference or not.

Abd al-Qadir | July 06, 2007

Ali Shahan wrote: Every mullah declares the follower of other sects as "kafir"... This is slander of Islamic scholars. It is a serious sin to label every Maulana as a takfiri extremist...

Ali Shahan | July 09, 2007

You are right in a sense Mr Qadir. But let me clearify my argument. I still stands on my same point of view based on the fact that "tell me the name of a single Maulana, who calls himself just muslim (without addition of Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahl-e-sunnat Aljamaat, Ahle sunnat, Ahle Hadeeth or whatever with his name). Is there even a single maulana who would agree that he is just a muslim and deosnot belong to any sect or school of religious thoughts. [And you know that all the sects comprehends (only and only)themselves as a true sect (based on a Hadeeth of Prophet Peace Be Upon Him), so what abt the rest? Arent they "non-follower" or "false Sects" or just 'kafir' in more simpler terms.] If this is true, and there is really a "just muslim" maulana exist, then I will admit that I have really committed a serious sin by blaming and humiliating a religious scholar and I will seek pardon and forgiveness from Allah. Wassalam.

Arsalan Khan | July 10, 2007

Aamer Liaquat Hussain has been doing a great job at Aalim Online. He has negative aspects as he obtained fake degrees from unaccredited college. I think he may be relected without the support of MQM.

Saqib Rehman | July 17, 2007

you stupids geeks, aamir liaquat never invited a hindu or christian to his show. so you dont even know him and you are passing out stupid remarks. it makes you even worse and your story false.

Naveed | July 26, 2007

Salam i m Naveed Hashmi From Lahore. i like Dr. Shahid Masood Struggle. If u reading my message plzz kindly can u tell me ur mobile number by email. My email id Thanks bhai Shahid Masoof.

hus sain | August 02, 2007

this dr amamir didnt need fake degrees if thats what they are he was doing pretty without them he did make up for everything he isnt by declaring salman rushdie a blasphemer our govt ddnt even whimper

Salman | August 10, 2007

Who cares, he is good ...

Abdul | August 31, 2007

kyun aap loog apna iman kharab kar rahey ho. mein amir ko defend nahi kar raha leken mein yeh kehna chah raha hoon ke eik bahi sahib ka comments mein tha ke he is a lier. aap aaj pakistan mein dekhoo johat koon nahi bolta. apney gareban mein pehley dekhoo phir kisi ko saza ka mustahik tehrahoo.anywayz chaheye wo fake tarekey se jo kuch kar raha he leken humheen knoweldge to mil raha he. aur eik muslaman ko yeh sirf dekhna chaheye ke usey knoweldge miley. us ke baad us ke pass apna damag be he usey use kar ke samjey ke yeh sahey keh raha ke nahi aur khud search karey agar us ke zehn mein kio ikhtalaf he to. Overall i can understand he is doing some fake stuff 2 but for me i am atleast getting some knowledge.

anwar | September 05, 2007

mai amir shab ko sirf itna bolna cahta hon kuhda ke liye din ka mazak mat banao agar amir shab ko mujh sai bat karni ho to 03442015011

Shahid | September 20, 2007

Wow. I see many opinions here that are fueled more with anger then logic. I really don't care where someone got there degree from, as long as they can live upto the expectations of the title. Alim online presents Islam in a very open fashion, that some might find offensive, and some might not. I personally like his style, it is better then some fanatic preaching hate. Islam is the religion of love and tolerance, and he presents in that matter. That is what I find very attractive. If you think you can do better, then please step up, and don't complain, go do it. If you want to cast a stone, then let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.

fatima | October 02, 2007

asalaam walikum dr. saab mai apsa kuch apna baray ma batana chahate mai india sa hu maina teen saal hua islam kabul keya mai pahla hindu family sa thee aur mare sadi ek cristaan sa hua thaa aur magar mujha aisa lagta thaa ki na janay mai kuch dund rahe hu aur 2003 ma mujha sahe rasta mela aur maina islam kabul ke mai cupka namaz parna karte thee ku ka mara sohar cristan thaa aur 3 month bub onka foaut hartatak sa hogaya mara ek bata hai mai ossa bhe islaam samjhaya aur woh bhe islaam kabul keya hai woh abe 13 saal ka hai.aur mai bahrain ma job karna agye yaha mujha ek insan mela woh pakistani hai woh company mai patner hai aur osna mujsa 2006 mai sadi ke aur onhona apnaghar walo ko nahe bataya aur onhona apna amme abu ka pasand ke bhe sadi ke. saab sa ya kahta ha ke mai unka office ma kam karte hu aur onke woh bewe bhe yaha hai osaa bhe yahe kaha ke mai bus yaha kam karte hu abe onka ek bachaa hai mujha srif ya puch na thaa kya mai chali jau aisa ketnay din jeo mai onsa kaha to kahtay haa ke agar sub ko pata chalaga to bohat bura hoga mai bohat darte hu kahe mara waja sa onko koe problem na ho magar es tara kaisa jeu kuch samajh nahe ata mara kya kasoor hai jubhe onka ghar sa koe ataa ma je jaan lagakar onka sawa karte hu ab onka bewe ka bhe karte hu woh kabhe mara pas ata hay bhe to chup chupakar.jinko humara bara mai pata hai kahta hai tu chaleja dil karta hai kabhe ke chale jau fhir ALLAH ka dar hota hai ke sohar ka izazat ka bagar nahe jana chaheya akalay pare rahte hu har waqt kam ma apna apko bezi rakhte hu aisa lag ta hai ma pagal ho jaunge sayad maina apka waqt jaya keya muf kejeya ga magar mara koe nahe hai koe bhae nahe hai mai akale hu apna ma baap ke mara ma ka paas apna beta chor aya hu.ab dar saal hogaya ghar jakar jub ma kahte hu ghar jaana hai to kahta haiabhe nahe ku ka yaha kam karna wala koe nahe pls dr. saab mara leya dua karay ke ALLAH INKO HEDAYET day enko bhe mara ahasas ho salaam walikum

komal | October 02, 2007


Anonymous | October 07, 2007

Assalam Alaikum, I've read through few responses on this thread and believe it or not..It hurts to see so many people tearing upon unnecessary details that may or may not be true. It is not difficult to see Dr. Liaqat's dedication to an incredible cause, and his integrity through his efforts. People have a right to their opinions, but no one reserves the right to degrade anyone based on empty accusations. What should be quite evident, is that no one so far has had the courage to put so many views on the same platform for us muslims to judge and scrutinize. No one so far has demonstrated what it means to be capture charisma, intellect, and leadership altogether. Putting aside our own biases, its hard to deny that Dr. Liaqat has already made a significant contribution to our nation, and has the potential to offer much much more. Time has proven many time that those who have the guts to voice the most controversial issues of society often become targets of controversy and scrutiny. We as ordinary people do not have the means to judge the legitimacy of anyone's degrees and qualifications, but we do have the sanity to judge a person's integrity and dedication through his words and actions. I cannot deny influence of Dr. Liaqat's thought provoking words on my life, nor can I deny the influence of his charisma. I would genuinely urge everyone to please put aside your biases and empty beliefs, and for once appreciate his efforts to bring the Muslims together under one umbrella and take one good look at themselves. Even if you won't agree with him, you'll walk out with the ambition to learn something new. Wsalam

salman | October 10, 2007

i think this guy is totally artificial.he is not spreading the islam.but he is spreading the Islam which agree by the musharraf.

jabeen ali | October 25, 2007

hey every body, every one use to say about amir liyaqat that he is a "drama baz". so just give me the anser of my little question that who better knows about the innerself of any one??? if u can answer me of this question then u have the right to blame mr amir liyaquat hussain.

Noorkhattak | October 25, 2007

please, little look at my comments.I am phatan,I don't know much about Amir Liaquat as you people also don't know.Does any body know about that man which exist inside of Amir Liaquat?Does Amir Liaquat doing bad on media?Little think about his resign from ministry after Lal Masjid operation? .According to a khadith of Prophet muhammad (Sallaho Alayhe Wassalam)"Don't comments about some one,untill you don't invistigate by yourself".So please do not send bad comments if you can not send good ones.Althoug we are muslim and will have to follow Islam.

amna riaz | November 06, 2007

dont say bad things to amir!

imran | December 04, 2007

I want to meet Dr. Amir liaquat... i am working in Dubai and lunch some web form so if you will provide me his phone number of address where i found him so i am very thanks full for that form ....

FATIMA TABASSUM | December 16, 2007


Anonymous | February 04, 2008

Well.. People Like Amir LiaqaT whO ENtered with a fake degrees In national assembly. stiLL You expect some good deeds from Him .hE chEATED with Whole NaTIon.. aCtually He is Gud Actor.. Nuthing eLse

farha sultana | May 16, 2008

as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu mere bhai saad farooq jo U.S.A. mai muqeem hai walid ka naam md farooq ali walda ka naam razia sultana hai unki ek shaadi ho shuki hai aur khula ho gaya hai unki shadi ki koshish bahoot chalrahi hai 3 months se laikin koi kamiyaabi hasil nahi ho rahi hai pls aap amal kijiye jis se unko achchi pak nek saleh ladki dilade ameen ya rabbul alameen allahhafiz

abs | September 18, 2008


ash | September 21, 2008

Asak,its very shocking'n'irritating 2 hear such things abt AAMIR LIYAQAT HUSSAIN!!!!jab ek insaan kuch acha karta hai to hi zamana uske peeche haath dhoke pada rehta hai...koi insaan perfect nahin hota sab mein kuch na kuch kami hoti hai,i think just 4 da sake of Aamir's fans he should cum out with truth!!(whatever it may)if u dont like him y not u jst ignore him instead of wasting ur time 2 accuse him!!!!WALAN AA'MALUNA WALAKUM AA'MALUKUM!!!his deeds 4 him ur deeds 4 u!JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

zahid | October 14, 2008

Karachi wala and my brothers. i dont want to say anything else but i have seen this program when he said we should kill ahmadis. this is not a place to fight about islam, we are talking about a dirty personality over here which is Amir Lyaqat. he is not only against ahmadis but i will share a YouTube url in which he is saying bad words about Khalifas after Mohammad (PBUH). and Allah knows what is right (bayshak) you dont know... AAmir Lyaqat had Foliage attack on his tongue (not legs, arms or head) last friday? yes its true.. and only ALLAH can save the name of islam. i hope i dont need to say anything. agar ham abi bi nahi samajtay to ALLAH hamain hidayat day ... Ameen

tension | December 27, 2008

he is an asshole who has just abused the Sahaba-e-karaam he should get some punishment for it ........ and the geo or the jew tv shuld also be asked about of how they r still showing him on the air......

Hina | December 31, 2008

You all need to stop doing "geebat". Go and say your prayer. You are not the one who will decide who is right and who is wrong. If even one person say his/her prayer just because he watched Amair liyaquit's program then imagine the muqam of Amir liyaquit in front of Allah.

maha | March 07, 2009

i have a quation? do HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) belive on istakhara? kya unho ny yai kerny ko kaha humien?plz an me soon