C’est Meme Chose

Posted by sepoy on November 03, 2004 · 2 mins read

I walked out this morning and the sun was shining. I felt better. The wind was clear and crisp. I felt better. I cried all night - big searing, gulping sobs - I cried in my sleep. Ever have those dreams where you want to wake yourself up by screaming? I tried last night but never succeeded. I mourned like a loved one had died. There is an idea of America constructed in my head, built by my associations with the land, the people, the cities. It died last night. A new America was born last night. An imperial America, a theocratic America, an America built by fear and loathing. This great nation that can destroy anyone cowers from shadows. It fears the gay man who will destroy its families. It fears the slut teen who will kill her unborn child. It fears the brown man who will detonate a bomb in the mall. It fears the secular intellectual who will corrupt the youth.

Faith is the opiate of the masses. Faith in the Man. Faith in Jesus. Faith in their lack of faith. Reason has no place, logic no permanance. Facts are just balancing weights.

I was prepared for a Bush victory. But this is not a Bush victory. This is a vindication. We lost comprehensively. This is their America and I just live in it by their good grace.

Since I suck at predictions, I will now predict the near future: We are going to Iran. There will be a draft. The Supreme Panchayat will overturn. Blues will not regain the country during my lifetime. Paul says Obama. Man must have hope, eh?

Life, though, must go on. I still have to teach the Crusades tomorrow. I still have to design some websites. I still have to put those job applications in. I still have a family to hug and love. I still have some very bright friends who will cry with me in their beers. I walked out this morning and the sun was shining. I felt better. The wind was clear and crisp. I felt better.


Tamanna | November 03, 2004

around me people are crying, threatening secession, packing for canada. your words offered clarity for my own thoughts. thanks. the scary thing will be that people who are enraged now will go back to sipping their lattes, driving their suvs, and allowing the bombs to fall 'way over there'.

SK | November 03, 2004

The main thing that I take away from this election ( I, like you, am a brown-skinned outsider who feels that he has been put in his place !) is that people are the same everywhere... They are rules by their hearts and not minds.. Like you too , I had a vision of America, where a life free of religious meddling was possible. Alas.. I was a fool. The future for this country is indeed scary..

s¯nee | November 03, 2004

World is not going to be a safer place ... anymore... i wish muslims could unite!! FOR ONCE!!

Shey'sRebellion | November 03, 2004

United Muslims? That's a scary thought, I don't want any unity with the Saudi's or Palestinians or any Muslim nation/country that supports terrorism and promotes facism.

This election is a reminder of the power of the Christian right, the power of emotions over thought. It's going to be a long 4 years.

Bush doesn't have to worry about re-election anymore, we'll see the real Bush policies, unabated.

Cheeni | November 04, 2004

See http://www.interesting-people.org/archives/interesting-people/200411/msg00046.html It needn't necessarily be the vindication you think it is. Deibold-gate!

MayHa | November 04, 2004

i feel your pain- even though i thought i was numb. i didnt cry but i yelled and cussed and i DID actually WANT to cry. if this election was indeed a fair one then everyone around me who is expressing disappointment in the American ppl is justified. how did this happen? how could they re-instate this cosmic threat back into office. i KNOW Kerry didnt really tickle anyones fancy but what could possibly have made him less worthy than bushh?i shall remain- forever amazed.