Case of the Mondays

Posted by sepoy on January 24, 2005 · 1 min read

Not a good week to come. There is an email burning holes in my inbox waiting to be answered. A lot of work is on the docket for the week and I am not feeling too peachy about any of it.

It snowed this weekend. Not a whole lot but more than the past few years. I think parts of the city got up to 15" of snow. In the HP, we barely topped 10", I suppose. I took some pictures of the campus this morning because Cheeni promised pics of Banglore palm trees in return and those sound a lot more fun.

Click here to enjoy some snow fotos of the Uchicago campus.

Blogging will be of the slight variety this week. Unless I procrastinate.


Azher | January 24, 2005

according to good morning america January 24 is rated the most depressing day of the year. Well I guess this year is a double dose with it being a monday as well.

sepoy | January 24, 2005

wow. You are correct, Azher. Monday, Jan 24 is the bad mood day of the year!

farhad | January 25, 2005

oh well it was a wonderful day for me here in lahore...very productive n chamkeela day.... hmmmmmm ;) but today (tuesday) was a pretty miserable day...i guess bad mood thingy reached here a bit late

wanderer | January 26, 2005

haha, even bad days run on desi standard time!

Aijaz | January 27, 2005

Only reason I didn't like Monday 24 January is that it came following a long awaited long weekend (I got 3 days off in a row due to Baqr eid). So I greeted the day by sending a message (OSIM- Oh shit its Monday)on icq to one of my colleagues and then buried my head in the PC. My dear Sepoy! I must tell you, despite all of the third world country crap, it ain't that bad here. Cheers!