Canadian Craze

Posted by sepoy on June 24, 2004 · 1 min read

Blake informs me that Bryan Adams is HUGE in South India. Alanis Morisette is HUGE in Pakistan. Explain.


Kiddo | June 24, 2004

Bryan Adams is huge in India in general, but the current sothern wave probably has to do with his recent concert in Bangalore. Concerts by people who have topped American music charts are a rarity in India. Plus, his music aint bad.

drapeto | June 24, 2004

the soft bigotry of lowered expections.

sven | June 24, 2004

whats next... rick astley?

tsk | June 24, 2004

uh, didn't alanis spend a summer or two in south asia "finding herself" or something? she probably made a friend or three doing that. as for bryan adams, i got no clue. that's just sheer bad taste right there. would tablas make him better?

Nathaniel | June 24, 2004

Maybe it is some sort of sympathetic inferiority complex. Canada. Pakistan. India. Nuclear Weapons. Well, it sounded funny in my head.

Ikram | June 30, 2004

Alanis writes a song entitled 'thank you India' and she's now a big hit in Pakistan? I expect that in 2015, you'll be telling us how Avril Lavigne is huge in Sialkot.

Desi Zen | October 13, 2004

Hmmm ... before we dissect Morisette's 'Thank you' song for her India references, perhaps we should consider the possibility she was just high when she wrote the lyrics? The enlightening effects of pot make even the most mundane things in life like air and water take on new significance. So the inspiration in this case was probably not a higher state of being, but in actuality some 'good shit' she bought at the local head shop?

Joe_Satri | August 20, 2005

hey..BA is hit in india cuz his music is good with easy to understand lyrics and tunes.So everytime he is in india there is no surprice really that people goes 2 watch him in thousands...Ans most of us indians dun really care if amarican charts toping artists wanna play here or not...only mere 10% indians actually listions to western music rest only listion to whatever is indian... and just to clear any misconception - to think there are as many Alanis fans in pak as there r in india of BA is foolish...tell me which artist considers pak as one of its music market?... And the lyrics of Thank You is pretty good if u can understand it,and if ur still puzled why wd she wanna thank india...then mate u'll have to come down to india 2 find out