Buying My Religion

Posted by sepoy on June 03, 2004 · 1 min read

Feeling religious? Feeling hip? Well, you can express it all by buying the appropriate tshirt of the Book you follow.
- Jesus is My Homeboy
- JewLo
- Feel the Deen

I want the FOB shirt, myself.


Marlowe | June 03, 2004

I'm quite the fan of I really like the Shalom Motherfucker t-shirt.

sepoy | June 03, 2004

you just want to have motherfucker on a tshirt. don't try to hide behind hebrew.

dani k. | June 05, 2004

ok. call me out of the islamiloop, but i don't get 'brown trash' (is that supposed to be a goat? is she wearing a bib? what the....?), 'glance', or 'do you think i'm hot'. however, aamir definitely gets 'lota power' for his birthday.

sepoy | June 05, 2004

i think the bib is a beard(?) and the goat is a....goat? i dont really know what it is but it's FAB. only, if we can get Ashton Kutcher to wear one...