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Posted by sepoy on October 15, 2005 · 1 min read

Go to: All profits go to the relief effort.


Dman | October 16, 2005

I applaude your efforts!! I can't wait to get my shirt!!! It's going to be so cool..

hoopoe | October 16, 2005

Your efforts are commendable...thoroughly, commendable...I, likewise applaud your efforts. I must confess though for I feel a little weird ordering a T-shirt (I LOVE The Kashmir design)..its like when PBS has their fundraisers and they send you The Australian Pink Floyd DVD's for pledging $200...but at the same time you can choose not to get the gift since it costs them money to send you a gift...that is sort of what I feel. I just feel like the T-shirt will be tainted for me--I would just wanna help for the sake of helping. Ofcourse this by no means suggests that you are doing like I said your efforts are sincere and noble... I just can't get myself to buy that Kashmir T-shirt, despite the fact that I really want to and probably should :-)

sepoy | October 16, 2005

Hoopoe: Help because you just want to help or help because you think that the tshirt is cool. It doesn't matter in the end, does it? The fundraising world has a model for every scenario. I totally see what you mean, though, I am gearing these tshirts for the second and third wave of donation.

Kush Tandon | October 17, 2005

I guess I am in the second wave already. I did order your T-shirt. First wave was - UNICEF. I respect your efforts.

uzz | October 17, 2005

do you have women's sizes?

sepoy | October 17, 2005

Yes I do! Though they weren't showing for some reason. All there now!

emullah | October 17, 2005

Excellent! just linked to my blog. I wanna see something like "Edhi Rocks", I love Kashmir, etc.

Hoopoe | October 18, 2005

Thanks Sepoy! the whole second and third wave donation scenario cleared my dilemma.. I will look forward to sporting that wonderful Kashmir Design T shirt

Erum | October 18, 2005

Just want to check with you, to whom are you going to give these funds and how?

hush | October 18, 2005

Just came across this site, through a link at Karachi metblog. I am surprised I never came to know about its existence, despite being a history freak. Good work with the t-shirts guys. Let me sum up the dimes and nickels in my pocket and i'll buy one for sure.

sepoy | October 18, 2005

Erum: the proceeds go to Edhi Foundation through the paypal link I have set up. See this post.

Baraka | October 18, 2005

Superb! Bless you for this & I look forward to ordering my T-shirts when I get home from the hospital next week.

sepoy | October 18, 2005

Baraka! so nice to hear from you. I hope you are feeling well and will be back home - and online - in good cheer. My thoughts have been with you.

Baraka | October 19, 2005

Thank you dear :) Now that I've got connectivty at the hospital I may just update!

Jamal | October 19, 2005

The t shirt designs are awesome, and i will pick one up when i go back to the states this winter. As for Edhi Foundation, i drive by their islamabad compound on the way to college everyday, and the amount of goods they had collected within days of the quake was staggering. the entire courtyard of their "edhi home" in isb was full to the brim with blankets, drinking water, and other goods. i have had trouble figuring out which charity to give to ('the president's fund' doesn't really have a philanthropic ring to it, and i'm sure only a percentage of my money will ever reach kashmir if i go through that route), but i can definitely vouch for edhi. donate generously!

Chai | October 20, 2005

Hey--I love "Chai Nation" and am wondering if you can select it in American Apparel for women. I only support sweat shop free stores and would love to buy it to support your mission. However, I would feel weird wearing it if the tag said, "Made in Pakistan" or some other country where workers' wages are not supported. Just my two cents. Thanks Sepoy for listening...and really appreciate the amazing effort.

sepoy | October 20, 2005

chai: thanks for your prompt. there is an AA-shirt now.

Chai | October 20, 2005


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Procrastination | October 25, 2005

Blog Quake Day It is Earthquake relief day through blogs. Please help in the relief efforts in South Asia as millions require our assistance.

Qalandar | May 15, 2006

Really liked the Mughal t-shirts....though I must say until I saw the legend I thought it was Shivaji Bhonsle in silhouette [I was thinking of these sorts of images: and ]