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Posted by sepoy on April 02, 2005 · 3 mins read

Abdul-Walid of Acerbia [a distant cousin of the Akond of Swat] threw a meme my way. Which, I think is the first time this has happened in CM blogging history. I can't recall participating in any memes before. Usually because I avoid them like the plague. They tend either to make me look foolish or expose me from behind the veil. The sad truth is that in the past few years I have read very little that did not get into the diss. In fact, it is this whole blogging thing has made me read a lot more. But Abdul-Walid is a nice enough fella so let's roll with this one, shall we? Nothing better to do on this bored saturday.

  • You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 450.  Which book do you want to be?: Hmmm, Do I want to burn? How about William T. Vollman's Atlas? It will be the proverbial fuel in the fire.
  • Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?: All the time. Just last week, I fell in love with Jay Gatsby, again. A young sepoy, I recall, was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. Umm. Just to get back up on Kinsey scale, let me also mention Alison from The Magus - always had a soft spot for her.
  • The last book you bought is?: I bought Murakami's Kafka on the Shore and Norbert Elias' The Civilizing Process
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  • What are you currently reading?: Andre Wink's Al-Hind, The Making of the Indo-Islamic World, Vol. 2: The Slave Kings and the Islamic Conquest, 11th-13th Centuries and Al-Hind, The Making of the Indo-Islamic World, Vol. 3: Indo-Islamic Society 14th-15th Centuries. Oh, and Bernard Porter's The Absent-Minded Imperialist. Sorry.
  • Five books you would take to a deserted island?: Do we have to take books or cds to deserted islands? Can't I take some friends? Some of these fun and erudite bloggers? Like Abdul-Wahid and Amardeep Singh and Ms. World and Sumana? If books it is: Hobson-Jobson [for my obsession with funny words], Attar's Conference of the Bird's [for the beauty of language and wisdom], Kulliyat-i Faiz Ahmed Faiz [for I can read him until eternity rolls around], Grimm's Fairy Tales[stories must be read out aloud, even if one is alone] and Black Water: An Anthology of Fantastic Literature [wouldn't it be fun to get spooked on a deserted island?].
  • Who are you going to pass this to (three persons) and why?: Rob, because he has a massive hang-over; Praktike, because he will bring in the heat, and Sin, because he is the paki Wilde.


Andrew Reeves | April 04, 2005

You know, I find that Jaeger's The Origins of Courtliness is a bit more helpful than Elias, especially in that it has a much less Freudian outlook. But then, Elias is a classic.

praktike | April 04, 2005

Je refuse!

detrimental postulation | April 02, 2005

his dusty materials Sepoy has, in an act which could be read as either benevolent or cruel (I'll pick the former), passed me a meme. My approach to memes is in spirit much like Sepoy's growling, but as a fellow pragmatist, and because it's rude to decline an invite, I ent...