Bulls on Parade

Posted by sepoy on March 20, 2006 · 2 mins read

Over the weekend, we went to a rally marking the third anniversary of the war. We being myself, pdcs and our lynchpin, rajeev. It was a chilly night. The atmosphere was festive, even. There were the usual anarchists/socialists/communists/retired school teachers but also a lot of people with no banners, hands stuck in pockets, just walking. I later learned that there were around 7,000 people, making it one of the biggest protests in the country. I couldn't tell from being smackdab in the middle and not being 9 feet tall. I can say that there were more cops than people though. Most looked bored to be there - trussed up in their plastic riot gear. As we walked down the Magnificent Mile, the throngs of shoppers lined up behind the copwall, sometimes giving us the victory sign, sometimes shaking their head from side-to-side in disapproval. It was a little odd, this division between the consumer and the protester. On the one side feverishly gripped signs calling Bush a criminal; on the other side clenched shopping bags with untold goodness from Virgin Megastore. The slogans were tired [I fondly recalled the amazing slogans from my college days of jamaatis and ajt-wallas screaming 'asia sabaz/surq hai!']. Most were about pulling the troops out. We discussed that. I don't want the troops to pull out immediately nor can we. It will be a few more years, still.

I was there mainly to make sure that we can do some more of this come Iran War. Anyways, the pictures are up here including all the Empire and colony references I could find.


Land of Lime Protesting the War | March 20, 2006

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