Britney Needs My Uncle

Posted by sepoy on August 23, 2004 · 1 min read

Britney was seeking to cast her new video and, apparently, she asked for a Pakistani. She should have called me. Unlike sven, I am not a fan of Ms. Spears talents but I do want Pakistan getting proper respect in soft-core music videos. I would have asked one of my retired elders to lend some dignity to the proceedings.
But seriously (ok, I kid) what could possibly be the script for this music video that calls for a 100 year old Pakistani male? Is he a pimp-daddy? A mystic? Perhaps Britney wants to show the softer, older side of Pakistan which is not busy fighting War On Terror By Proxy...the waaay older side. I really, really want to know.
Also, I want to make sure that Om Puri does not get the role. He is a screen hog.
Via [Defamer]

LOCATION: Los Angeles
RATE: See roles below

[MALE #1] 35-60 years old, Caucasian. ITALIAN. Tall and thin. Short & fat...$250.00+ 20%

[MALE #2] 60-100 Years old. Pakistani...$250.00 + 20%

[MALE #3] 55-80 Years old. Latin. This role is for a minister who will perform the wedding ceremony...$250.00 + 20%

[MALE #4] 50-100 Years old. East Indian men. Tabla (drum) players. Submit even a ''look'' though. Make a note if they really play...$250 + 20%

Please tell me what you think the plot could be. The closest guess will get an dl'd copy of the video (via bitTorrent, of course).


Rezwan | August 24, 2004

I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what really is on Britney's mind. The western lifestyle is surely getting weirder.

tsk | August 24, 2004

It just goes to show: even Britney Spears is just plain better with tablas. Sorry, couldn't resist. This does promise to be a weird video. By casting for a bunch of old dudes, maybe it's something akin to the "I'd like to buy..." Coke ads, just all old guys getting along instead.