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"Last week, I couldn't work a suicide-bombing shift because I had to be alive early the next morning for patrol duty," Hassim said. "I was calling everyone, but I had a hell of a time trying to find someone to replace me. At the last minute, Fathi [Abd al-Khalid] agreed to take the shift. That guy's such a martyr."

The Onion, I take for granted, until it sucker punches me in the kidney.

Also this: Calcutta Fire Marshal: Many Indian Homes Lack Bride Extinguisher
CALCUTTA, INDIA√“Failure to own or use a bride extinguisher results in millions of rupees of property damage in India annually, Calcutta fire marshal Prasad Chandra said in a press conference Monday. "This tragedy occurs far too often when well-meaning husbands, attempting to collect on a dowry, ignite their brides indoors. The damage is often compounded when a burning bride attempts to escape and spreads the flames to other homes," Chandra said. "If you absolutely must burn your bride, avoid additional destruction with an affordable bride extinguisher. And, if possible, confine the burning to your backyard bride pit." He also recommended that homeowners install and periodically test marital smoke detectors.

And this. Gotta save this copy, I tell ya!


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I know what the "Bride extinguisher" story is going for, but I can't stop but reading it as an allegory about the wild-oats sown, vd-ridden man infecting the hell out of his wife. Ahem.