Bling Bling Desis

Posted by sepoy on June 04, 2004 · 2 mins read

Let's just get it out in the open: No One Parties Like Us Desis. No one.
Consider this latest case of our Bangladeshi brother, Tauhidul Chaudhury, who went, with three friends, one eventful night last October to a strip-joint in New York City called Scores. By the time the night was over and Mr. Chaudhry was bundled off in a taxicab, Scores had charged him $129,626 for the seven hour stay. Shall I type that again? $129,626 for seven hours in a strip club. That's $18,518 per hour, $308 per second, and roughly $9,259 per stripper.
In his defense, Mr. Charudhry declines to remember any of that memorable night. Which is a shame.
Lest you say that I am generalizing the Desi community on the basis of one [poor] Bangladeshi, allow me to generalize based on TWO!
Do you remember the six investment bankers who went to dinner one fine evening in London and ended up in the Guiness Book of World? Barclay's London representatives Dayananda Kumar, Mahish Chandra and Iftikhar Hyder [a graduate of Pakistan's Institute of Business Administration] plunked down $62,679 on wine and cigars only.
Mr. Kumar became my personal hero when he later declared:

To be honest, I'm not that bothered about it," Kumar was quoted as saying. "I've been on lots of expeditions since I left the bank. I went climbing on Everest, I've just come back from Kilimanjaro, and I'm off to the North Pole soon. It's no real problem.

and this after he ended up losing his job over the hoopla.
That's a true Bling Bling spirit.
Vu, can I get a Bar Chicago?


drapeto | June 04, 2004

i'm sort of curious as to what could have been so expensive, but i have a feeling i probably don't want to know.

sepoy | June 04, 2004

i think it is pretty clear that it's a scam. nothing is that expensive.....