Black is the New Black

Posted by sepoy on December 04, 2004 · 2 mins read

CM is upgraded to MT 3.1.2 [pending WordPress 1.3]. I just was getting overwhelmed by spammers. They are a particularly loathsome lot, aren't they? MT Blacklist is integrated within MT, so I went with it. The install was easy enough but something is screwy in the extlib. I think I left some MT 2.6 entrails. Will need to clean.

I will implement TypeKey membership and entry RSS feeds over the next few days. Maybe a "I commented on CM and all I got was this lousy history lesson" sticker can be offered as inticement to register?

Maybe change the graphics etc. around here? any suggestions? any particular fondness for the design style? Any cool images of the Empire?

In keeping with the status quo, The General and The Chosen One met today. My favorite bit:

PRESIDENT BUSH: One of the interesting lessons that the world can look at is Pakistan. You see, there are some in the world who do not believe that a Muslim society can self-govern. Some believe that the only solution for government in parts of the world is for there to be tyranny or despotism. I don't believe that. The Pakistan people have proven that those cynics are wrong. And where President Musharraf can help in world peace is to help remind people what is possible. And the solution in the Middle East is for there to be a world effort to help the Palestinians develop a state that is truly free -- one that's got an independent judiciary, one that's got a civil society, one that's got the capacity to fight off the terrorists, one that allows for dissent, one in which people can vote. And President Musharraf can play a big role in helping achieve that objective.

That wily General. He now represents democracy!


sepoy | December 04, 2004

and the comments work?

Nitin | December 04, 2004

Sepoy, Your previous graphics were excellent. Please dont do a radical redesign WordPress is the way to go; I just installed a tool called Kitten's Spaminator to tackle comment spam; it seems to be holding up quite well so far.

praktike | December 06, 2004

Don't change the design, but please get an RSS feed.

sepoy | December 06, 2004

praktike: rss and xml feeds are available. As well as a comments rss feed. links in the bottom right column or self-discovered in most aggegators.

praktike | December 07, 2004

Aha! Thanks!

kate | December 22, 2004

Spammers are evil. I was having such a terrible time and could not get a Wordpress hack to work right off the bat, so for now--until I have a little time to work with the spam filters--I am moderating comments (which is silly, but better than endless spam).