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Posted by sepoy on November 04, 2005 · 2 mins read

Caleb announced that Google Print has 19th c. texts up. Oh, good geek! The texts all seem to be from Harvard College library.

Immediately a search was made and here are some eye-catching entries:

- Captain W. H. Sleeman's The Thugs Or Phansigars of India: Comprising a History of the Rise and Progress of that Extraordinary Fraternity of Assassins, 1839. I have mentioned Sleeman before.

- Rudyard Kipling's Out of India: Things I Saw, and Failed to See, in Certain Days and Nights at Jeypore and Elsewhere, 1888.

- Brigg's translation of Firishta's Tarikh, History of the Rise of Mahomedan Power in India Till the Year A.D. 1612, 1829.

- William Erskin's History of India Under The First Two Sovereigns of the House of Timur, 1854.

- Romesh Chundra Dutt's translation of the MhB [with a Max Müller introduction], Maha-Bharata: The Epic of Ancient India, 1900.

- Wilk's Historical Sketches of the South of India, In an Attempt to Trace the History of Mysoor, 1869.

- Find of the night: Letters received by the East India Company from Its Servants in the East, 1602-1613, 1896. Amazing stuff.

- Max Müller's India: What Can It Teach Us?, 1883.

- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's The Poison Tree, 1884

- Alphonse de Lamartine's Les Grands Hommes de l'Orient, 1865.

- Jafar Sharif's Qanoon-e-Islam: Or the Customs of the Mussulmans of India, 1863.

There is more. Tell me if you find something good....and have a nice weekend, gentle readers.


Mukhtiar Mai | November 05, 2005

We all know what the British did to the Indian Subcontinent over a 200 year period. Just because they wrote some books on the tyrant Muslim rulers (who subjugated India through mass conversion), do you feel that their goal in writing these texts was to promote the glory of the Islamic race? Let's face it the majority of Muslims in the world are looked down upon as "converts" by the Saudis who feel that they themselves were the chosen race. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born to the Arabs, so these Saudis feel they are superior to all other Muslims. I ask you for your own experiences during Hajj or Umrah, candidly discuss your interaction with the native Saudis. Also, it was't just the Hindus that were obsessed with the caste system. During Hajj you will find that Muslims from all different countries are segregated into camps (of their national origin). There have been documented cases of black muslims of senegal kicked out of Bangladeshi and Turkish tents. It's a sad state of affairs. At any rate, I digress. What is your point of drawing our attention to these archaic texts from the Harvard annals, written by British rulers with an unquestionable "hidden-agenda"?

Emullah | November 05, 2005

1. Don't use Mai's name to leave comments at different blogs. This is very unfortunate that people are exploiting her name and putting what ever voice they want behind her name. 2. Hear to the message of Quran not Arabs. People always make mistakes even so called humanists and ahtiests.

tsk | November 06, 2005

MM : I can't speak for sepoy, but I think the point of the post was that these "archaic texts" are now viewable to everyone outside of the Harvard annals, with just a simple web search. Hence the "Tell me if you find something good...". I strongly doubt that there is any other agenda than that. Though I am surprised that this post wasn't also part of the "wizbango! tech" category as Google Print is a web portal.

Caleb | November 06, 2005

Glad you found some good stuff Sepoy!