Best Spammer: Harry Braun

Posted by sepoy on May 03, 2004 · 1 min read

Received the coolest spam in a while send in by Harry Braun for President.

Analyst and author Harry Braun is running as an Independent Candidate for President because unlike President Bush or Senator Kerry, he has a Phoenix Project ( plan that will employ millions of Americans and supercharge the economy by making America energy independent of all fossil and nuclear fuels by 2010. This will be accomplished by mass-producing wind-powered hydrogen production systems, including sea-based "Windships" like the ones pictured above, which were developed by William Heronemus.

With his Multi Array Windships' picture, he had me enthralled. The images are straight out of 70's Popular Science, the geekiness is so retro-futuristic that it is right on target. Yes, Harry, I wholeheartedly want " to produce high-quality CD and/or videos with state-of-the-art animation on every major academic area". My CDs would be awesome. Just last thursday's lecture alone when I forgot a word for civil bureaucracy in Urdu or English or Swahili and stymied around for five minutes would be an amazing tool.
Let it be said: Nothing in kerry or bush can ever come close to the coolness that is the Arcologies: City Without Cars.

When is the next Meetup?