Being Real at the Movies

Posted by sepoy on October 13, 2004 · 2 mins read

The election, the class, and my job application occupy me all day looong. sigh. December cannot come soon enough. This past weekend, after quite a while, we went to the movies. Saw I ♥ Huckabee on Saturday and on Sunday, after a day of pumpkin farm goodness in gorgeous weather, saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Both movies are throwbacks, literally and visually to the late 50s/early 60s. I have to see Huckabees again before I can have an actual opinion on it but, at least, it is a movie that I would like to see again. Ebert was kinda dissing it but he grows cranky with each passing month when it comes to movies that make him think. It has only about 63% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. Nah. It rates better in my view. The movie is about, uh, about the meaning of life, commercialism, spirituality and wacky French sex. It presents about 8 different views of reality and a few on the notions of being. Godard?

Sky Captain is that comic fanboy with the Mac Quadra up in his room scanning his pencil drawings into the computer. I love the spirit behind the movie. And I actually loved the movie. It is uncomplicated and light. After the dystopian doom of Matrix 2 & 3, it was kinda nice to look at evil robots that were shiny and, well, not that bad. The visual trick of the movie is that the only thing real in it are the actors. For a while, I was looking at the rendering of tables, cars and chairs to see how well they managed it. Looked real to me.

Tonight, is the last debate. Watch. Tomorrow, I go to Madison for the South Asian conference. I will try to live-blog. Or atleast, get some panel names to make fun of. Expect less of me.


Connor Coyne | October 13, 2004

Hello... I haven't been able to use your "contact" link, and thought you might not appreciate unsolicited email. My name is Connor Coyne. I'm a graduate of the University, and maintain a personal blog at the url posted above. I've enjoyed your blog very much, and recently linked to it as part of an attempt on my part to provide more interesting and complete coverage of politics these days. Keep up the good work. I'll keep reading. :) ~ Connor