Bean Town

Posted by sepoy on August 02, 2004 · 1 min read

Used to be that the city by the sea was called Bean Town. No more, my friend. We, Chicagoans, are gonna take over that name. For one, we have Nomah!. But, more importantly, we have the Bean. I finally made it downtown to see the new Millennium Park. Name thusly because it was supposed to open in 2001, it has finally came to life a few weeks ago (late and over-budget). We went down for Venetian Night festival (this is where some boats sail close to the harbor with people dancing. very mysterious as what Venice has to do with it) and stopped over to see it for ourselves. The Frank Gehry designed stage is, well, a Frank Gehry designed stage. My favorite is the Anish Kapoor designed Cloud Gate aka The Bean. Here are a few pics taken by me. It is made out of stainless steel and the seams will vanish by November (I hear). Kapoor has made a name for himself in snooty British circles and this is his first public sculpture in the US. Blair loves him. Prada loves him. And, I gotta say, Chicago loves him as well. Sure we have the Picasso, and the Chagall but people really seemed to be flocking to this one and I think the most overheard word of the day was Cool!


s¯nee | August 03, 2004

ah the bean is really beautiful!! didnt you take some closeup pics!! i wanted to see the welded plates.. Its cool.