Bazaar Mazaar

Posted by sepoy on March 04, 2010 · 1 min read

I really want this book. CM readers in Lahore/Karachi, with access to a post office and a paypal account, I am looking at you.

From Huma Yusuf's review in

Readers will enjoy flipping through old advertisements as well as gathering tidbits about brands that they've always consumed, but perhaps never really known.

That said, serendipitous finds — essays on artifacts and practices one didn't expect in a volume on Pakistani visual culture — are amongst the most engrossing. Michel Boivin's 'Horsemen and Saviours: Iconography in Hindu Communities of 20th Century Sindh' considers the role of the horseman in Hindu visual narratives; Malcolm Hutcheson and Atteqa Ali's 'Rooh Keench: Backdrops for Photography' deconstructs the escapist backdrops for portrait photography; Aasim Akhtar's 'The Mace and the Sceptre: Iconography in Pehelwan (Wrestler) Posters' evokes the fascinating sub-culture of wrestling; and Fancisco José Luis's 'Guru Nanak Shah Faqir: Sufi and Shia Elements in the Representation of Guru Nanak' offers a detailed analysis of a mid-19th century portrait of the Sikh guru.


elizabeth | March 04, 2010

ahem, could we organize a Brooklyn-bound copy also? Looks like terrific fun.

Qalandar | March 04, 2010

elizabeth: a friend of mine is going to karachi tomorrow; if you want it say the word (damn I think I might get a copy for myself, looks like a keeper)...

Qalandar | March 04, 2010

sorry, meant to address the above to sepoy too

elizabeth | March 05, 2010

Qalandar: yes, by all means! let me know what is the most convenient way to render payment.

Qalandar | March 05, 2010

Email me at umuhajirAThotmailDOTcom...