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Posted by sepoy on April 20, 2009 · 1 min read


Things have been dour here, lately. I was thinking we needed to talk cricket, today. And, as if by magic, dear e. sent this awesome shot of President Hussein getting schooled by Brian Lara (Mr. 400).

The IPL has started in South Africa. India's biggest sporting event was moved due to security concerns to SA. The first few matches have already pit Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff against each other. I think no one won. I will try and catch some on youtube or elsewhere. The IPL Page 2 site from cricinfo is quite, um, interesting?

In happy news, let it be noted that Afghanistan will be playing international cricket! As Hamid Hassan right writes, It is the most famous day in the history of Afghanistan cricket.

In sad news, Pakistan lost the chance to host the 2011 world cup. Read Osman Samiuddin to get a sense of the loss.

Finally, as we contemplate President Hussein's stiff elbow, wide stance and off-positioned head, we should remember that American Presidents don't make good cricketers.


vivek | April 20, 2009

I think what's most notable about this picture is what a graceful cricketer Brian Lara is even in formal wear.

Finally, as we contemplate President Hussein's stiff elbow, wide stance and off-positioned head...
And WHAT is he doing with his rear?

saadia | April 20, 2009

@vivek: looks like he's squatting into that shot

saadia | April 20, 2009

dude, i had never seen the photo-essay on the Chosen One's cricket camp! how could i have missed it?

DK | April 20, 2009

agree with Vivek - Lara is so graceful even in that still shot!

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thabet | April 21, 2009

I thought my footwork was dodgy.

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shah faisal | April 29, 2009

Hi , Salam to all viewers . Mr.Hussian you are a wonderful politician but Sorry You will never be a good crickter.mmmmmmmmmm not a good foot work ........... Brian Lara ( you are the legend) no doubt..... did brian lara really accept Islam???? i hope that he accepted ....

sheeraz | May 06, 2009

yes he has accepted ISLAM ....i read it in wikianswers web page

Sadiq Fazal | May 06, 2009

Is brain lara accept islam?

Shahzad Idrees | May 07, 2009

Yes, he has accepted Islam, and after Allah Saeed Anwer n Junaid Jamsheed tried hard to make him to accept Islam. Hes Muslim now Allhamdulillah :)

AGA GAFFAR | May 11, 2009


imran sarwar | May 13, 2009

No reliable news about the acceptance of islam by Brain Lara yet.

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